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May 23, 2014

Duffy Waldorf


Q.テつ Strong finish with birdies at 7 and 9, what are your overall thoughts on the day?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ It was a lot like the first day, it was a little up‑and‑down.テつ I let a few go in the middle of the round with some bogeys.テつ I played real solid most of the day, I kind of didn't have that, like yesterday, just maybe a few too many bogeys, a few too many up‑and‑downs, you're going to have to get the ball up‑and‑down a bit, whether you're on the green or just off the edge.
I just didn't do it today.テつ So I didn't have as good a score as I could, but the other holes, I played well and it's kind of one of those ying and yang, course is like that, too, if you really get it going, get in good position, you can make a lot of birdies.テつ But it's just a matter of having the birdies win out over the bogeys, which today it was almost a tie.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts heading into the weekend only two shots back?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ It will be interesting to see how the course plays.テつ That's going to be the key.テつ I think guys get used to it, I feel a little more used to it now.テつ The setup is obviously very important out here, because the pin placements can be extremely difficult or they can be friendly, depending on where they're at.
The wind's a factor, there's just a lot of factors, I think there's still a ton of guys in it.テつ The cut's around 4‑over with 4‑under leading.テつ Pretty much anyone who makes the cut has got a chance.
So a pretty exciting weekend and I wouldn't be surprised if someone comes out and shoots low scores and gets right back in it or goes ahead.

Q.テつ With the nice weather, what are your thoughts on what the course condition has been and will be over the weekend?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Yeah, the course is in excellent shape.テつ I think if the wind lays down, I think there's a chance for some low rounds.テつ So we get some warmer weather with a little less wind I think we can see some really good numbers.テつ So far I think the wind and the course has won, it's just very difficult, temperature‑wise, and just enough wind to really ‑‑ it's a tough wind in 52 degrees.

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