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May 23, 2014

Danny Hall

Mott Hyde

Dusty Isaacs

Thomas Smith


Georgia Tech: 3
Clemson: 0

THE MODERATOR:テつ We would like to welcome Georgia Tech, student athletes Mott Hyde, Thomas Smith, and Dusty Isaacs, along with Head Coach Danny Hall.テつ Comments from Coach?
COACH HALL:テつ Excellent baseball game, I thought, very competitive on both sides.テつ Can't say enough about the performance of Dusty and Sam Clay.テつ Those two guys were very dominant for us today.テつ We got a timely hit early from Smitty to give us the lead, and Mott, late, gave us some distance, thank God, in that 9th inning, because he gave us a little breathing room.テつ As we knew, Clemson is going to fight you to the last out and we knew they would probably make a little run at us, and they did, but Sam closed it out.
Very proud of my team, and, you know, now we just sit around and wait to see what happens in the morning game.

Q.テつ Dusty, what was the key for you today keeping Clemson's batters off their toes?
DUSTY ISAACS:テつ To me the most important guy in each inning, is the lead‑off guy, and I didn't do that as well as I wanted to, but after that I think I had‑‑ I don't know what it was.テつ I was able to focus in a little more and know that I had less room for error.テつ Like usual I was trying to throw strikes at the knees and let the hitters hit it and the position players catch it.テつ Trying to use all four pitches, which is something I have not been able to do much this year being in relief.テつ I threw some good change‑ups, fastballs, sliders, couple curveballs, trying to mix it up to keep them off balance.

Q.テつ Mott and Thomas, what was Clate Smith doing to keep you guys off balance all day?
THOMAS SMITH:テつ He had a good two pitch combo.テつ He was throwing his fastball and curveball.テつ The main thing he was doing was throwing both of them for strikes, pretty much whenever he wanted to.
MOTT HYDE:テつ I'll echo that.テつ He was able to throw a slider a lot.テつ When it started coming out of his hand it looked like a strike, and then it would fall off the table.テつ So him throwing the fastball inside at times to keep us honest and being able to throw his curveball for a strike at times kept us off balance.

Q.テつ If you guys are able to get in the game Sunday, who would be starting in that game, would Dusty or Sam be available?
COACH HALL:テつ I would say Dusty and Sam no.テつ We haven't pitched Devin Stanton, Matthew Grimes could come back and pitch some.テつ He pitched Tuesday, so it would be his fifth day and then a host of our bull pen.テつ I hope we're in that scenario but we will have to wait and see.

Q.テつ Any preference on the opponent?
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you very much.

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