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May 23, 2014

Mike Compton

Josh Delph

Mike Martin


Maryland: 5
Florida State: 3

THE MODERATOR:テつ We are joined by Florida State, Head Coach, Mike Martin, student athletes, Josh Delph and Mike Compton.テつ We'll start with a statement from Coach.
COACH MARTIN:テつ Just very impressed with the University of Maryland.テつ I felt their starter pitched another beautiful game, as he did in, and it's kinda like I told John, their head coach, I wished him good luck and told him I hoped I didn't see him again until Omaha.
Both of us accomplished a goal.テつ We know how difficult it is to get there.テつ But that's a good‑looking club.テつ They got what they deserved today.

Q.テつ Josh, twice now you have faced that starting pitcher.テつ What makes him so effective?テつ He's done well against you guys two games in a row.
JOSH DELPH:テつ He's done a good job of moving in and out of his spots, and he was keeping the ball off the plate the whole game.

Q.テつ Mike, what happened over the course of the inning?
MIKE COMPTON:テつ Just a few things, they were trying to get a bunt down and I rushed the throw and hit the guy with it and that kinda opened things up.テつ Anytime they get runners on bases specially in scoring position I just try to limit the damage the best I can and unfortunately I didn't do that during that inning.テつ That one big inning got me.

Q.テつ Did you feel like you were locating?
MIKE COMPTON:テつ Yeah, as the game went on, location got better.テつ Early on there were definitely pitches that cut in a little bit but more the most part we mixed in everything and everything was pretty sharp.テつ Especially after that third inning.テつ Other than that, everything felt pretty good.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
MIKE COMPTON:テつ Yeah, it was a first‑pitch slider, he was sitting on it, was trying to get ahead as well.テつ It's tough because he's a great hitter, he hits the ball all over the place and anytime he hits it, he hits it hard.
Trying to get ahead and give a quality pitch, unfortunately made it a little too high and he stroked it down the line.

Q.テつ Mike, how big was it for him to give you 6 and a third, whatever it was, you only used two pitchers today.
COACH MARTIN:テつ Michael after the first couple of innings, I guess it was after the third is when you saw the true Mike Compton.テつ He was cooking with the sinker.テつ He pitched, I thought, a little tentative early, and then with the movement and the stuff, he started trusting it and letting it go and I would be curious to see how many hits they got the rest of the time after the third inning. テつMichael gave us exactly what we wanted.

Q.テつ You guys were down 5‑0, you have a chance, you have the go‑ahead run at the plate in the 8th inning.テつ I know Sansone was expecting a breaking ball but that was a nasty pitch.
COACH MARTIN:テつ The guy made a quality pitch.テつ You tip your hat to them.テつ It's a credit to them.

Q.テつ You guys weren't out of it‑‑
COACH MARTIN:テつ Well, there is no "quit" to our ball club.テつ That's what excites me, we will battle you for 27 outs and we didn't throw the towel in and feel sorry for ourselves, we continued to battle.

Q.テつ Josh, what did you see from the Maryland pitchers?
JOSH DELPH:テつ Just keeping the ball down.テつ Shawaryn hit his spots and Mike did the same thing, settled down a lot.テつ The wind wasn't blowing it out today but the pitchers did a good job of keeping it down and making the adjustments.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, guys.テつ

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