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May 23, 2014

Kendrick Perkins


Q.テつ The announcement today that Serge is now day‑to‑day instead of out, did you guys come back and find him in a better physical state than you imagined with the shooting drills and stuff he's been able to do?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ I mean, to be honest with you, we would like to have him back, but we can't worry about that.テつ We're down 0‑2 right now.テつ We've got to worry about winning the next game at home.テつ I mean, you can't really put all your effort into Serge come back because if he's not, we've still got to go out here and win this game and figure out why we're getting beat so bad.テつ That's the point of emphasis.

Q.テつ For a team that's been built on its defenses, how disappointed were you to see what took place the first two games?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ Very disappointed, because I mean, that's not us.テつ But like I said, it's about being focused.テつ They're getting whatever they want, from the 1 through the 10th man on the bench.テつ They're getting whatever they want, and we've got to do a better job, I think, individually and as a team, and we can do it, we've just got to do a better job.

Q.テつ Without giving up strategy, how do you go about containing the ball?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ I mean, like I said, it's just an individual effort.テつ Got to put it in your mind that you want to stop the guy in front of you, and that's it.テつ Backside got to be ready.テつ But the thing is when they penetrate, that's what opens those threes.テつ We'll do a better job of keeping the ball in front of us, but we've just got to be individual and you've got to want the match‑up.

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