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May 23, 2014

LeBron James

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

LeBRON JAMES:テつ Try to be dominant no matter whether we're home or away.テつ It doesn't work that way.テつ Just got to go in and keep up our same energy and just try to play some complete basketball.

Q.テつ LeBron, does the fact that they won here last year Game 2 sort of keep that memory more than just being at home against them, especially the way they play on the road?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ Not really, not last year.テつ We know the fact they can win on the road.テつ We said that coming into the series, both teams can win on each other's floor.テつ So we understand that.

Q.テつ Are you guys still preparing that Paul George will play in this game?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ Sure, why wouldn't he?

Q.テつ Any comments on Sterling and the Clippers?テつ He's going to sell the team.
LeBRON JAMES:テつ That's the way it should be.

Q.テつ And?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ Do I have to give a reason why he should sell the team?テつ He shouldn't be part of this league.

Q.テつ Basically, the news is that he's allowing his wife to now separate the team so it will happen more quickly.テつ How important is that?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ It's very important.テつ We don't want this to linger around our sport.テつ It sucks that it happened, but the players and the owners and everyone associated with the game know there's no need for it.テつ The quicker it gets done, the sooner we can move on.

Q.テつ Do you have any reaction to Mark Cuban's comments?

Q.テつ LeBron, have you ever had a concussion?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ Not that I can remember.テつ Should I say that?

Q.テつ LeBron, what's changed over the last year or so?テつ You seem to be more vocal about things.テつ Has anything changed outside of basketball?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ I don't know.テつ Just maturity, being a role model and a leader in my sport.テつ It's not something where I need to do it.テつ It's something I want to do being in the position I'm in.

Q.テつ Dwyane said you went into Game 2 with a healthy fear, basically just you guys knowing the gravity of the situation.テつ Does that accurately describe it?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ Just rise to the occasion.テつ Our backs were against the wall.テつ Obviously, going down 0‑2 was not an option.テつ You can go in with that mindset and it doesn't always result in a win, but I think our mindset going into that game was very aggressive and understanding we had to come out with a win of the that's the type of feeling we had.

Q.テつ How do you maintain that now?
LeBRON JAMES:テつ We're back on our home floor.テつ We've had an opportunity to regain‑‑ not regain, or gain home court.テつ That doesn't guarantee anything as well.テつ Like I said, both teams are very good.テつ Both teams are in the Final Four for a reason.テつ So we've got to go out and play.

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