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May 23, 2014

Russell Westbrook


Q.  Was there anything specific that y'all saw in Game 2 that you really just need to work on?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  No, just getting back to how we play as a unit and our brand of basketball.

Q.¬† What was your response to hearing that Serge is now day‑to‑day?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  That's good, man.  Serge is a big part of what we do, and he's going to take his time and come back when he's ready.

Q.  Could you point out one or two things that have related to the struggles of the offense the last couple of games?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:¬† I wouldn't say one or two things.¬† I mean, just‑‑ it's not offense.¬† It's not offense that's losing us games.

Q.  How about the struggles on defense?  What do you think those problems are?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Like I just told you, we're going to go back to playing Thunder basketball.

Q.  You guys have spent the last couple days seemingly trying to convince yourselves that Serge is not coming back, you've got to move on without him.  Now you have the possibility that he could be back.  Is this a significant mental boost to you now?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:¬† First of all, we never have convinced ourselves that Serge was out in the first place.¬† We just come out and play our game and play Thunder basketball.¬† The day‑to‑day news is just news for the media.¬† Serge is going to take his time and get back when he's ready.

Q.  Sam said a little bit ago that Serge's recovery would be like anybody else when it comes to treatments and whatnot, but you've dealt with this medical staff and you know how good they are.  I have to think it's a little different than the average person what you guys get.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I mean, definitely.  They give you the treatment you need, the treatment that you need to come back healthy and not rushed, and they won't let you do nothing that will ever harm you.

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