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May 23, 2014

Joe Durant


Q.テつ So you're probably going to look at that one hole for the day, but as a whole you're still in the tournament.
JOE DURANT:テつ Yeah, that's right.テつ That's the way I have to look at it.テつ I played horrible today.テつ The front nine my speed was way off on the greens, I 3‑putted three out of the first six holes.
I wasn't off to a very good start to begin with and then kind of pulled it together a little bit mid round.
But then I made a quad on 16.テつ I thought I hit a good tee shot but didn't care carry gunch and got it out and knocked it back in.テつ Just made a mess.

Q.テつ When you get home tonight is it just thinking about you're still there, you still have a chance?
JOE DURANT:テつ Yeah, I just got to play a lot better.テつ For as good as I played yesterday, I played that bad today.テつ So at least I didn't totally blow myself out of it.テつ Just try to have a good weekend.

Q.テつ You mentioned yesterday that you got out of golf for a little while, what made you even want to leave in the first place?
JOE DURANT:テつ Just frustration of not performing, not playing up to expectations.テつ We all go through that, obviously.テつ For me, the best thing was just to get away from it for a little while.テつ But I'm glad I got back into it.

Q.テつ You came back and now you're on the Champions Tour, what's kind of the transition between the PGA TOUR and the Champions Tour?
JOE DURANT:テつ Number one, I'm just very thankful to have the opportunity to play out here. テつIt's a, it's been fun so far and to still be able to play and compete at 50, there's not too many sports you get to do that.テつ So we all feel pretty blessed to have the opportunity.テつ But I want to play good now that I have the opportunity, too, so.

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