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November 7, 2002

Simon Dyson


Q. Is this your first experience at Valderrama?

SIMON DYSON: First experience, yeah.

Q. What's been your feeling, having played 18 holes, pretty demanding course, isn't it?

SIMON DYSON: Very demanding. I mean, any other course, it could have been a ridiculous score. It could have been low. I got off to a dodgy start the first few, but then settled down a bit. Some of the best iron shots I've hit for a long time into the greens.

Then a share of the hole quite a few times, but there's a lot around there where you think you've got it and it just breaks off and catches but doesn't go in. I had quite a number of them. Holed a couple of nice ones, as well.

So can't complain. Very pleased.

Q. What's your season been up to now, how would you assess it?

SIMON DYSON: Quite pleased, actually. Especially the last ten weeks, eight or ten weeks, played some of the best golf I've ever played. Ten weeks ago, I played horrendous, playing terrible.

Q. What was the problem?

SIMON DYSON: Wasn't scoring. Just trying to hit too many different shots instead of just hitting what I know I can hit, the draw. And I know I can hit that when the pressure is on. Gleneagles, I think it was, just went back to hitting the draw, made the cut on the mark and that was it. Confidence was back.

Q. You didn't see anybody; you just chose to start hitting a different type of shot?

SIMON DYSON: Just the shot that I did for the last eight years, just decided to go back to it. And even if it was the right pin on the right, I knowing that I cut it in, I just thought, "No, just stick with your draw, and if you overdo it, you're in the middle of the green." And I just hit the draw and got my confidence. Putts started going in. A couple of Top 15s, Top 10s and Top 5.

Q. To qualify here, as well, that's a good sign, getting to this level.

SIMON DYSON: I think the last six tournaments, I needed 100,000 to get in, and I did it, which is the best thing about it, really, I set out to achieve and achieved it. It was rewarding.

Q. Now that you see the course, you realise anything under 70 is a great score, isn't it?

SIMON DYSON: If someone had given me level par before I started -- I mean, it wasn't warm and blowing a little bit, I thought if I shoot level, I'll be quite happy with that. Especially how it started with the scoring, nobody was under for ages, and then there was like quite a lot. You saw quite a lot in red figures, but it was all 1s, everybody was 1s. I thought if you could just nick a couple, finish 1-under, I'll be quite happy.

Q. Where did you hole back-to-back birdies?

SIMON DYSON: Back-to-back was on the 13th, and I hit 8-iron to about four feet.

And the following hole, about 9-iron to about six feet and parred the next. Lipped out for birdie on 16 and then stiffed a sand iron on 17 and parred the last.

Q. And you're fully fit?

SIMON DYSON: No. Terrible. Worst I've felt for a while. I don't know. I've been feeling like this since St. Andrews. Just got no energy at all. I'm not going to hit any balls because I'm shattered. Don't know.

Q. Is it like you can't get up in the morning or drained?

SIMON DYSON: I sleep more than I've ever slept. I mean, I do sleep, I'm quite a good sleeper, but I'm sleeping ridiculous. I'm not good -- even on the range this morning, I was hitting drivers, and after four or five, I was shattered. That's probably the slowest I've ever walked 18 holes, just to conserve my energy. I just don't feel well.

Q. Have you seen a doctor?

SIMON DYSON: I had blood tests last week and I should get the results today. So, have to wait and see what it is after this week and then a nice seven weeks off.

Q. Get your batteries recharged.

SIMON DYSON: Totally. I have a couple of holidays in there.

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