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May 22, 2014

Justin Walters


Q.テつ Talk about your round today.
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ For me, it's an amazing score.テつ I think last year the weather wasn't quite as good, and I shot 5‑over perhaps the first round.テつ I turned it around quite a lot and coming into the week, I had absolutely no form.テつ Put in a lot of work with TaylorMade and Darryl and the guys and switched some equipment.テつ And I've been doing some work with my agent, Ally, who is pretty good with the mental side, as well, and he's worked me into shape pretty good around the greens, just my overall game.
It's been a quick turnaround.テつ We'll see what's left.テつ I came into the week just wanting to try to enjoy it; it is, it's a special week on our tour, and hopefully I can continue to do that.

Q.テつ Beautiful start, as well, birdie, eagle, birdie.
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ You don't picture that and you don't ever play for that.テつ I hit some really solid shots early on and gave myself a good look.
Then on the par5 after a good birdie on the third, I made a really long putt for my standards, for sure.テつ It was just one that you are really happy to 2‑putt and you look up and it's gone in.テつ It's a real bonus.テつ It's a good boost for me really.テつ Got me over the hump dealing with just trying to get comfortable again on the course.
It was fun.

Q.テつ Bound to be a comeback after the fireworks at the end of last season.
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ Yeah, I thought after Joburg Open, I would press on a little bit, but I injured my shoulder and really got into some bad habits with that.テつ My coach back in America, Patrick Kelly, I sent him some video and he's like, "What are you doing?"
So we tried to do some work via that, and once again, my agent, Ally, kind of oversaw what we wanted to do and helped me put it in place.テつ Yeah, we were looking at 2‑under today, and so to do five and one, I'm really super chuffed.

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