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May 22, 2014

Frank Vogel

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.テつ How's Paul George?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Paul George is good.

Q.テつ He's not here at practice.テつ What does that tell us?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ No, he didn't practice.テつ He did the no contact stuff, and there's a minimal contact requirement he's got to do and be tested afterward.テつ He's going through the concussion protocol.

Q.テつ Are you expecting him to be available on Saturday?

Q.テつ So how are you preparing?テつ Are you preparing as if without?テつ This is the worst case scenario?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Preparing for both.

Q.テつ Did this little run with the starters today?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Everybody ran with everybody.テつ It was kind of a hodge‑podge.

Q.テつ Would you have preferred that he had come to you after the incident and said yes?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Yeah.テつ Guys always got to report what they're feeling.テつ That's what they have to do.

Q.テつ Is it difficult for an athlete?テつ You were one once.テつ Is it difficult for‑‑ well, I use that term a little loosely.
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Very loosely.

Q.テつ Is it difficult for an athlete in the last five minutes of an important game to really be honest with the doctors?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Yeah, probably.テつ It's a tough call.テつ I think you have to ask him that.

Q.テつ Well, we can't today.テつ He's con cussed.

Q.テつ Frank, do you think even just the amount of time that he was down on the floor, that he could possibly have the onset of a concussion, just the time it took him to gather himself on the court?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ It's a deal where the trainers did exactly what the book says.テつ They go through the protocol, a list of questions to determine if there's any further examination needed.テつ They did it by the book.テつ The league agreed that they did it by the book.

Q.テつ I'm saying considering the fact that he ended up‑‑ obviously, he had the concussion, and I'm sure that he had one the day after, it occurred before.テつ I'm wondering should it be part of the protocol or whether you think so?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ I don't know.テつ That's something for the doctors to decide.テつ Doctors have a strong protocol in place that we followed.テつ That's all there is to it.

Q.テつ Do you think it impacted the last couple minutes of the game in any way, shape, or form?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ I don't know.テつ It's tough to say.テつ He got beat a couple of times, but he got beat right before that too.テつ So probably not.

Q.テつ Just playing the what if game, I mean, granted it looks positive now because he's able to do light workouts and such, but if you had to play a game without Paul in the playoffs, can you sort of describe what that impact would be on your team?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ We've got great depth.テつ I think we've got guys that could fill in and certainly not play at Paul's level, but we would have to adjust.テつ I mean, teams have to adjust to injuries all the time.テつ I'm sure we'd be able to do that.

Q.テつ Who would be the most likely starter in his absence?

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