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May 22, 2014

Duncan Keith


Q.  With last night's game, the way it ended was tough, but at the same time a loss is a loss, you just shake it off or is there more concern with the way it transpired last night?
DUNCAN KEITH:  I think we have to move on.  I don't think we're happy with the way it ended and unfolded.  But I think looking back at it last night, there were a lot of good things we did.  I think we just have to learn from it like we try to do with every game, whether it's a win or a loss, understand what went wrong.
Today is a new day and we'll move on from that one.

Q.  Is that pretty much the way everybody looks at it on this team?
DUNCAN KEITH:  I think you have to in some ways.  Like I said, you want to understand what went wrong, what we did out there that allowed for what happened to happen.  At the same time we need to push forward here and just stay positive knowing that, you know, it's a new day, Game3 is a new game.

Q.  Looking back, just too much pressure with consecutive penalties like that?
DUNCAN KEITH:  I don't know if it's too much pressure.  I think our penalty kill, maybe other than the first month, has been pretty solid overall.
You got to give L.A. some credit.  They've got a good power play.  I think we could have done a lot better job on their goals that they did score on the power play.  Maybe they could have got one earlier.
Overall we want to stay out of the penalty box.  Even in the first and second I thought when we were playing well.  You know, we took some penalties that kind of slowed things down and we were able to gain the momentum off that.
Sometimes you can gain momentum off a good penalty kill.  But, you know, penalties are going to happen.  I think for the most part we want to try and stay out of the box.

Q.  Ben Smith talked earlier about showing more passion.  Does Andrew Shaw give that?
DUNCAN KEITH:  Absolutely.  You know, I think we've missed his presence in the lineup.  He's a good guy to have on the team, whether it's out on the ice providing that energy or in the locker room.  He's a guy I think we're looking forward to having back.
He's a versatile player when it comes to what he provides out on the ice, whether it's in front of the net, going to the hard areas, playing different positions.  He's a big part of our team.

Q.  You've had success in L.A.  Talk about your experience playing out there.
DUNCAN KEITH:  It's a tough building to play in.  They play well at home.  I think over the years we've enjoyed going out there.
At the same time we know it's a tough building to play in and we're going to need to be good.  Obviously they got the crowd behind them, like any home team would.  You have a disadvantage.
But I think as a team over the years we've took that on and embraced that challenge.

Q.  The saying is to keep it simple on the road.  Is it that simple?
DUNCAN KEITH:  Yeah, I think it's a mindset, for sure, being simple.  I think when we're at our best, we're thinking defense and checking first, and then our offense kind of takes care of itself.
Maybe that mindset going into the next game, Game3, is going to be beneficial for us.  Like I say, we've enjoyed being on the road.  We're going to look at it in a good way.

Q.  Confidence is such a big part of playoff hockey.  Do you fear you've given them a certain amount of confidence that's going to make it tougher to get back?
DUNCAN KEITH:  Yeah, I think they're a confident team as it is.  I mean, they've won a Stanley Cup.  They've come back in series.  We saw what they did against San Jose, being down 3‑2 against Anaheim, and Game 7 being on the road.
We've got a lot of respect for them.  I don't think we're going to sit here and worry about whether we've given them confidence.  We have to worry about ourselves and worry about how we play, what we do out there to get results for ourselves.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Duncan.

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