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May 21, 2014

Brandon Gold

Danny Hall

Josh Heddinger


Georgia Tech テや 6
Miami テや 3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Coach, an opening statement, please?
COACH HALL:テつ I thought it was an outstanding college baseball game.テつ I said it yesterday it seems like every game in this league is very hotly contested and usually comes down to somebody getting a two‑out hit like Brandon Gold did, and then somebody making a pitch when guys have guys in scoring position.
But felt like it was a great comeback for us.テつ I think Suarez is one of the best pitchers in our league, and I thought he was really on today.テつ So just very proud of the way our guys kind of reacted getting down and played well to come back.テつ Then I thought at the end of the game, Dusty Isaacs threw the ball well, and again, double‑plays were a big factor for us in the game.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the strategy when you're down 3‑1 on sacrifices as far as the sacrifice and throwing the ball away?テつ I know they got you on the next one.
COACH HALL:テつ We were just trying really to get a guy in scoring position and trying to get close because I felt like runs were going to be hard to come by.テつ It turns out he put a really good bunt down.テつ I think it was Suarez who threw the ball away down the line.テつ So we were trying to get one, and it ended up really turning in our favor on that play.

Q.テつ You made a good throw, it looked like, and the second baseman wasn't there.テつ It looked like you were going to be out of the play.
COACH HALL:テつ Yeah, I don't know if they were surprised we were bunting, but, yeah, they were scrambling.テつ It was a good bunt.テつ He put the bunt down perfect.

Q.テつ Josh, talk about Miami.テつ Here they are, hottest team in college baseball, talk about taking them out and the performance you had today?
JOSH HEDDINGER:テつ I tried to keep us in the game no matter what happened.テつ I tried to go out there and throw strikes and give our team a chance to win.テつ They're a very good hitting team as they showed all year.テつ We played them early in the year, and they were really good.テつ I had made quality pitches down in the zone.テつ I knew if we did that, we'd have a chance to win today.

Q.テつ Brandon, can you talk about your two hits there?テつ The two runs and single?
BRANDON GOLD:テつ He just made a couple pitches, got me out in front, and threw a breaking ball and threw me a 3‑2 fastball and just did what I could with it.テつ Trying to get to the four hole.テつ The second baseman made a spectacular play, luckily got through and scored two runs.

Q.テつ Speaking of spectacular plays, your defense is just incredible.テつ Talk a little bit about that?
COACH HALL:テつ It's been good all year.テつ First play of the game, really, Brandon made the play look easy.テつ Carey about hit the ball over his head, had to jump and get it and made the perfect throw.テつ But Justus and Mott Hyde have really done a great job of turning double‑plays for us all year.テつ Even the ball that was from Mott Hyde's left, I've seen a lot of second basemen throw that ball away, and he threw a perfect strike to C.J.
C.J. has one of the quickest releases that I've seen.テつ So usually if he gets his hands on it, he's going to give a very accurate quick throw to first.テつ But those two guys have just really played extremely well and so has Brandon.テつ Brandon makes plays look very easy at third base, and they're not easy.

Q.テつ Brandon, can you talk about you getting 2 out of 3 in mid‑March.テつ But did you have confidence?テつ You're down 3‑1 to Miami.テつ They've been so hot.テつ Do you have confidence that you've beaten them 2 out of 3 previously this season that you guys could come back?
BRANDON GOLD:テつ You've got to have confidence, especially a 9 seed facing a No. 1 seed.テつ We were down 3‑1, but we'd already beaten them 2 out of 3, as you said, so confidence was a key factor in our win today.テつ We kept on battling and grinding our at‑bats out, and it happened to come in our favor with the W.

Q.テつ You guys feeling pretty good right now?
COACH HALL:テつ It's only one game.テつ Well, we've won two.テつ But, yeah, in the real terms we've won two.テつ Yeah, it's a great start for us.テつ We're happy to win, and we're going to play a good Duke team tomorrow.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
COACH HALL:テつ Yeah, maybe a little bit.テつ We have confidence in those relievers and Hammond got the out right out of the gate.テつ I give our guys a lot of credit.テつ I don't think that guy's easy to hit, but we had some great at‑bats against him, and it worked out.

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