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May 21, 2014

Matthew Crownover

Tyler Krieger

Jack Leggett


Clemson – 5
Duke – 3

THE MODERATOR:  With me we have head coach Jack Leggett, Tyler Krieger, and Matthew Crownover.  Coach, an opening statement?
COACH LEGGETT:  It's a competitive ballgame from start to finish.  I thought the offense did a really good job in the fourth and fifth inning where we grabbed one run and then two.  And Tyler's big hit down the right field line.  We had two outs, it was a big hit for us.  Then we had a big hit at the end by Steven that gave us the insurance runs.
All along the way, Matthew Crownover was excellent for us.  Nine strikeouts, one walk, he was all around the plate all day long, and really just hit two balls hard off him.  I thought he was very good.  He's been pitching like that for us all game long.

Q.  Tyler, after the first time in the order you guys started hitting on the fastball.
TYLER KRIEGER:  Our game plan going in was we were going to have to be aggressive and get on the fastball and make sure our swings were crisp.  I think obviously any time you see a pitcher the second time through, you're going to get a better idea of what he's got.  I think he pitched an awesome game and has a lot of talent.  We just seemed to make the adjustments when we needed it.

Q.  Matthew, what was working for you?
MATTHEW CROWNOVER:  Fastball command is my game.  When I can feel my fastball whether it be my two‑seam or four‑seam, the changeup worked a lot better.  Really worked on throwing a lot more of the swing and miss changeups this week and contact changeups and that really worked for me today.  Threw a lot of strikes and got ahead.  It was important because they know it's going to be a strike, so my changeup with my fastball really helped me out today.

Q.  Jack, clutch hitting is something that hasn't always been there for this team.  Did you feel confident that it would come around eventually?
COACH LEGGETT:  Yeah, I've always thought we have a really good baseball team.  We won a big game the other day, and I think that gave us a lot of momentum and confidence in what we're doing.  We've played through a tough schedule along the way, and this is another tough ballgame for us.  Every game we play in the ACC is tough.  There isn't anything easy about it.  But I've always believed in this team, and the team has always played pretty consistently for the most part.
We did get some big hits today.  We built some innings.  Made him pitch from the stretch.  That was one of the other things we tried to do was get them in the stretch, because not quite as effective as from the wind‑up.  When we built the two innings in the fourth and the fifth, that was big for us just to take the lead.  Then the runs that we built at the last part of the game were really important for us.  Duggar got a big hit for us to make it 5‑2 at the time, and gave us a little more breathing room.
We didn't really want to use Campbell today if we could help it.  He threw so much last week and on the weekend, but we felt like it was the right time to get him in there, and Drew was running out of gas a little bit, but he did a good job before that.

Q.  Tyler, did it seem like there was more (Indiscernible) in the lineup or did you guys do a good job of identifying them?
TYLER KRIEGER:  I think obviously when you have the kind of arm that that kid does, you're going to want to throw your fastball.  So it was a matter of us putting better swings on him the second time through the order.

Q.  Can you talk about the adjustment into the DH role for you?  I'm sure you grew up probably playing in the field every game.  How have you been able to continue your successful play?
TYLER KRIEGER:  Obviously, I'd love to be out on the field playing, but my shoulder's not allowing me to do that.  But I'm lucky to be able to swing the bat without any pain and help this team in any way, because I love playing with these guys and I love being able to get a chance in the lineup.  I've just been able to keep my focus and continue to play well and just got to keep it rolling throughout this tournament.

Q.  Jack, obviously, it worked out really well.  I'm curious what was behind the swap in the second and third in the order?
COACH LEGGETT:  It just gives us an opportunity with two switch‑hitters on the team.  So if we bat them second and bat them fourth, it makes it difficult for somebody to come in and throw a left‑hander relief guy against us or match‑up guy or a right‑handed side arm guy against us.  So it just makes it work pretty good for us, I think.  Then you don't have the two lefties at the top of the order to bring in a guy for him.  So it gives a little more versatility and seems to have been working out for us.

Q.  As you said it worked out well in the ninth when they walked Tyler to get to Duggar.  You don't often see the two hitter walked to get to the three hitter?
COACH LEGGETT:  It worked out pretty good for us that time.  Tyler has been swinging the bat really well.  He got a hit the first time up, hit in the fifth inning there, big hit for us.  Hit the ball left field pretty good, and he swings the bat really well.  He's a tough offensive player for us.  So I understood what they were trying to think to get to Duggar, but Duggar is also a clutch player for us too.  He's got a lot of savvy about him.  So it was a big hit for him, and a big hit for us at the time.

Q.  How much did it help make your job easier when Tyler had the hit to put y'all in front?
MATTHEW CROWNOVER:  We always believe no matter what the score is.  But when we got the lead I was throwing the ball pretty well.  So when once we got the lead I knew we were going to win.  The way I was throwing the ball today I didn't think‑‑ the guy hit the ball well for the home run, but there was maybe one other ball they hit well.  They're a good team, but I felt like once we got the lead, the game was over.

Q.  Matthew, you came out 112 pitches, do you feel like you can go again?
MATTHEW CROWNOVER:  Yeah, I could have thrown all night, if I had to.  I felt stronger as the game goes on.  Whatever Coach needs I'll be out there to give us a chance to win.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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