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May 20, 2014

Lance Stephenson


Miami Heat - 87
Indiana Pacers - 83

Q. テつLance, you've been able to eliminate your turnovers.テつ You've been playing a very efficient brand of basketball lately.テつ What's been the difference for you?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ I just try to be aggressive, make something happen.テつ Don't be too shaky.テつ Just be smart and make the right plays, and I think I did that tonight.

Q.テつ How tough is that to do that in a moment like you're in the Eastern Conference Finals, the crowd is getting really hyped.テつ How difficult is it to keep that under control?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ Just take your time.テつ Whoever's open, that's the pass I make.テつ I know I've got a lot of guys who can knock down shots and make big plays.テつ I know I've just got to be aggressive and make something happen.

Q.テつ Lance, as well as you were playing in the third quarter, as loud as the crowd was getting into it, how tough is it to swallow losing this one in the fourth quarter, letting it get away?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ They're a great team.テつ They came out aggressive the last five minutes of the game, and we didn't make no plays.
We got big turnovers the last five minutes of the game.テつ We've just got to be smart and make something happen when they're putting pressure on us.

Q.テつ Lance, what do you learn from a loss like this?テつ You played a great game.テつ You guys played well enough to win it up until the last three minutes of the ballgame.テつ What do you learn that you could take to Miami to have better success?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ You've just got to be aggressive.テつ They're going to come out and blitz us and try to double us.テつ We've just got to make the right plays and don't get turnovers.テつ We got big turnovers the last three minutes of the game.テつ That cost us.
It was even the whole game.テつ It's just that last three minutes LeBron stepped up and made big plays.

Q.テつ Lance, how would you describe the battle between you and Wade at both ends tonight?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ I mean, Wade's a great player.テつ He did real good tonight.テつ I've got to slow him down, and I just try to make him work both ends.
He's making big shots.テつ He's being aggressive.テつ He's making smart plays.テつ I've just got to slow him down.
It's a long series.テつ We've just got to take our time and go game by game.

Q.テつ Lance, obviously, last year when you went to Miami, it was in the beginning of the series, the first two games.テつ How much more confidence do you have going to South Beach this time around?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ I've definitely got confidence.テつ I just believe.テつ I believe in my teammates.テつ We go through battles like this.テつ When I got them behind my back, I feel even more confident.
I just know I've got warriors behind me, and we're just going to take it to them.テつ We've just got to take our time.テつ It's a long series.テつ We've just got to stay together.

Q.テつ Lance, you weren't a big part of the offense down the stretch.テつ Did they do something?テつ Did putting Norris Cole on you take you out of it, or were you surprised not to be a bigger part of it?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ I felt like I was involved.テつ I come off the pick‑and‑roll.テつ I hit D. West, like I normally do.テつ We just didn't make shots tonight.
Just got to keep playing basketball.テつ When it comes down to the last five minutes of the game, we've got to make something happen.

Q.テつ How do you prevent Dwyane from going off?テつ Him and LeBron scored all but two of the points in the fourth quarter.テつ When you say "slow him down", how are you going to do that?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ Make it tough.テつ He's making tough shots, getting step‑backs.テつ He's getting cuts, cuts behind my back.テつ I've just got to be aggressive and alert and just watch him while LeBron got the ball.

Q.テつ Lance, in the third quarter, were you just feeling it?テつ Were you just in the so‑called zone?テつ Do you think you've ever played that well in a playoff game before?
LANCE STEPHENSON:テつ Definitely was in the zone.テつ I just want to win so bad, so I'm doing everything it takes to win.テつ I'm just trying to be aggressive and make something happen.テつ I made good cuts.
But with my teammates and everybody behind me, I don't get those points.テつ So I've just got to keep being aggressive and make something happen with my teammates.

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