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May 20, 2014

Danny Hall

Dusty Isaacs

Daniel Spingola


Georgia Tech: 5
Wake Forest: 3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Coach, a brief opening statement and then we will go to questions.
COACH HALL:テつ Like most of the games in the ACC this year that was a close one, hotly contested.テつ We had the one big inning, and all with two outs and then I thought they got back in it, Shambley certainly had a big pinch‑hit there to get 'em within 2 but I felt that Matthew Grimes even though he was a little wild pitched out of trouble what he needed to.テつ I thought Sam Clay got us some outs and Dusty ended up, the big strikeout on Conway was huge to end that inning and Gonzalez made two great catches in the 9th inning.テつ I thought Spingola's catch was huge, and then the double play that Hyde and Justus turned was really good.テつ So for us, happy to win, and be in the tournament.

Q.テつ Defense was awesome.テつ Has that been a strength this year?
COACH HALL:テつ We have played great defense all year and in particular we have turned a bunch of double plays, we are way up‑‑ where is Mike at?テつ Do you know where we are?テつ No. 1 in the ACC so turned the most double plays of anybody in the country and it's been huge for us.
Probably the difference in the game honestly, is that we made some plays.

Q.テつ Daniel, I think you were on base all five times.
COACH HALL:テつ (Away from mic.)

Q.テつ Okay, sorry.
COACH HALL:テつ Somebody had to bring that up!

Q.テつ Sorry about that.テつ Seeing the ball well or the pitching suits you?
COACH HALL:テつ Today I was definitely seeing the ball well and I know that first at‑bat helped in a way because‑‑ I struck out but I saw a lot of pitches so I knew what the guy had and I faced him two more times and I knew what he had and I knew he was going to throw off‑speed pitches and he had a couple of change‑ups and I stayed on him.

Q.テつ Danny, less comfortable lead when you look out and see that flag blowing that way and just the ability to keep the ball in the ballpark was probably huge wasn't it?
COACH HALL:テつ Absolutely.テつ You're never comfortable in this ballpark with the lead even though there are not that many home runs.テつ Wake has hit some home runs, particularly with Conway, particularly, I know I'll say it wrong, Mondou, he has been hot.テつ Then the freshman, Craig, is certainly capable of getting the ball in the air.
There was never a comfortable feeling in our dugout and it seemed like they had guys on when those guys came to the plate, so you were never comfortable with any kind of lead.

Q.テつ Dusty, you coming in to close the game and obviously got the lead which is what you want but you had the wind whipping out to left field, how does that change your approach?
DUSTY ISAACS:テつ In the bull pen I was looking at the catcher and I said I hope A.J. Murray touches one and gets it up there it's got a chance and I knew the same thing could be true I think it was Conway, who I came in to face so I tried to attack the lower part of the zone and if I was going to throw a breaker ball, if he could hit it by mistake it would get it up in the air and get a run out of it, so my main focus was attacking the lower part of the strike zone and trying to force contact on the ground.

Q.テつ Dusty, have you had many saves more than 3 outs this year?
DUSTY ISAACS:テつ I don't know.テつ Seems like I've done‑‑ I wear a couple of different hats.テつ That's what I like to do any given time whenever he calls on me.テつ I go in there and try and get as many outs as I can until he comes and takes me out.
I've done long relief, short relief, haven't started any this year but I know if called upon I can do that.テつ I think that benefits the team and whenever he calls on me I'm going to go in there and get as much outs as I can.

Q.テつ Daniel, your catch there on Conway, was it one of these I've got this, I hope I got it or I don't know about this?
DANIEL SPINGOLA:テつ It was obviously hit well but I took a straight line to it and it kicked, got a little backspin on it so I had to go back on a sharp angle and thought it might beat me in the last second and I threw my hand up in the air and snagged it.テつ It was a little luck and a little speed, I guess, but, yeah, it was good.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, guys.テつ

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