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May 20, 2014

Erik Spoelstra


Q. テつI'm not going to ask you about lineups, but as you ponder what you do with your personnel, what will be the critical areas, the most important areas that you want the personnel, whatever moves you make, to address or to shore up?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ We've talked about it now for 48 hours.テつ This is a long 48 hours.テつ We understand disposition, urgency, all these type of activity things.テつ That has to raise to a different level for us tonight.

Q. Since you have had this floor‑spacing identity, I guess it came to light‑‑ came to be two years ago in the playoffs, have you ever had a moment where you thought, we have no choice but to play big, or do you always feel like our best is when we have floor spacing?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ Well, we've balanced it as much as we have in the three years this year, and that was what this season required.テつ So we've played a lot of different lineups.テつ We have enough experience, different rotations to be able to play different styles of basketball without compromising what we do best.
That might be what this series requires, but we have great versatility.テつ We have confidence in our versatility.テつ If we have to utilize all of it, whatever's necessary.

Q.テつ You mentioned a long 48 hours.テつ You're going to have 96 hours after this game.テつ How do you plan to use that?テつ How do you expect your team will respond?テつ What will that do to the series?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ That depends.テつ I can't answer that right now.テつ That is unusual.テつ We've had it before in the playoffs.テつ We'll deal with that when we get to it.
Tomorrow will be a day off after traveling, I know that.

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