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June 2, 2001

Catriona Matthew


RHONDA GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen, we have with us Catriona Matthew, who fired an even par round of 70 today. And she is at even par for the Championship. Catriona, first of all, just give us your general impressions of the day with sort of haphazard effect of the rain, the starting times, the way the course played.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I hadn't teed off yesterday, I was just on the 10th tee, so I played 36 holes today. So I'm delighted with 2-under for my 36 holes. I played well this morning and shot 2-under. And really played well this afternoon, just -- I had quite a lot of chances, hit quite a lot of greens and a couple of bogeys there, one on 17, which is playing like a 4-and-a-half, anyway. And I bogeyed 11, a bad second shot. Overall I'm pretty pleased.

RHONDA GLENN: You had one 3-putt green and a total of 32 putts, not nearly as good a putting round than this morning when you had 28 putts.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I missed a few greens this morning.

Q. How much of an advantage do you think Karrie had, only having to play 18 today? Could you have focused a lot more easily if you didn't have to play the 36?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, obviously it was an advantage only playing 18 today. But I really don't feel too bad at the moment. It won't be too early tomorrow. It was nice to get out and play the course this morning. It was the same kind of wind as it was this afternoon, so you knew which way it was going.

Q. Did you find yourself getting fatigued mentally at the end of the round?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Maybe a little bit. But I just tried to kind of concentrate on each shot and tried to hit a fairway to give myself the best chance of trying to make birdie.

RHONDA GLENN: I do notice one stat, and it may be a sign of fatigue, but on your driving average, in the morning was 240 yards. Of course we know sometimes on the measured holes you might miss-hit one. Your driving average on those two holes in the afternoon was 204 yards, a 36-yard difference.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Certainly on -- I'm not sure which ones, I think 15 is one of the ones, I kind of blocked, hit it kind of high right. So it didn't go very far. And I'm not sure of the other hole.


CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I did the same, actually, on that drive, just blocked it a little bit on the fairway, but not going as far.

RHONDA GLENN: Those were miss-hits, not fatigue?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, they were just really miss-hits.

Q. Going into tomorrow's round trailing by it looks like 6 shots. Are you going to have to be more aggressive tomorrow or can you still afford to be patient and play for pars?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I think obviously on the -- not that there are many real birdie holes, but the ones with slightly easier pin positions, you've got to attack them. Obviously I'm going to have to try to shoot under par tomorrow. You never know around this golf course, it can jump up and bite you at any moment. You've got to be patient. There's no point throwing it away trying to go for birdies.

RHONDA GLENN: Thank you very much. Well done, Catriona.

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