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May 20, 2014

Kendrick Perkins


Q. テつWhat gets Tim going at age 38 to kind of have a half like he had that first half?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ I thought they did a great job of getting him easy buckets.テつ Like I said, he was rolling down the lane off of pick‑and‑rolls with no resistance, and he got going.テつ I mean, we cleaned it up, but I think overall they just got it going across the board as a team.

Q.テつ It looked like you guys were more physical and forceful in the third quarter and you started to turn it defensively.テつ Do you need more of that?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ Yeah, I thought we gave ourselves a chance.テつ Russell was better on the ball, I was better at being physical.テつ I thought overall, though, we did our assignments.テつ We was tight, we was bumping guys, we were just touching them up.テつ They was running freely the first half.

Q.テつ How much of it was that they just played awfully well?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ They played well.テつ They got whatever they wanted.テつ Danny Green, he hasn't been in the Playoffs and he had a nice little game last night.テつ Ginobili, he had a good game last night.テつ Overall I thought they played well as a team.テつ Different guys came in and stepped up at different times.テつ Even the big guy from New Zealand, I thought he came in and took seven points off the board, came in and took charge.テつ He did some other things, and overall they had a good team win.

Q.テつ How do you feel like defensively you guys are more prepared after watching film?テつ Do you think guys know their responsibilities more?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ Yeah, I think so.テつ I know so.テつ It was like night and day watching the first quarter and watching the third quarter.テつ One thing about playing against San Antonio, you've got to watch what you're doing offensively.テつ You can't come down and have careless turnovers because they'll make you pay for it on the other end, cause different match‑ups in transition, and also, you can't have bad shots.テつ You cannot take bad shots against their team.

Q.テつ What does the starting lineup need to do offensively so Scotty doesn't feel like he needs to go small to put a better scoring unit out there?
KENDRICK PERKINS:テつ I don't think scoring was a problem throughout the game.テつ Even starting the game, I didn't think scoring was a problem.テつ I thought we had some great looks.テつ Russ missed some lay‑ups that he usually makes, Thabo got to make sure he feels comfortable in shooting that corner three, but I thought overall we scored 27 points in the first quarter, but we gave up 30.テつ I don't think offense was our problem in no part of the game.テつ I thought it was all on the defensive end.

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