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May 20, 2014

Russell Westbrook


Q.  Talk about what you guys did defensively specifically.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I thought we did a good job of just playing the way we play.  We was aggressive defensively, played with a better pace, did a great job of just pushing the ball.

Q.  How do you guys replicate that more consistently?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Just start the game off the right way, with a defensive mindset, be more aggressive defensively, and we'll be all right.

Q.  You made the run, you took the read, and then they were able to pull away.  What kind of lesson is that in terms of the need to always be perfect defensively?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Just keep your foot on the gas pedal.  I don't necessarily say we have to be perfect, just get it done.  Whatever we need to do to get it done.  There will be times when they're going to make plays.  They're a great team.  There will be times that we're going to make plays.  But we've just going to continue to stay with it.

Q.  You've known Nick Collison a long time, not a great game yesterday.  What do you think he took away from that, and what's the confidence level that he can give you guys what you need?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I totally disagree, man.  I think with Nick Collison, man, you can't look at the stat sheet with Nick Collison.  You have to look at the little things he does.  He does so much different things to help us win games, help us to be in a position we are now by just being on the floor, communicating, the things that you guys don't see.  It actually may not show it, but in regards to all that, we wouldn't be in this position about all the stuff he done for us and putting us in position to win games, so I disagree with that one.

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