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May 20, 2014

Kawhi Leonard


Q.  Manu and Timmy just listed off a sea of things that you've been doing so well, and one of the things Manu said was that you have fresh legs and long arms.  What do you think you are bringing to the Playoffs at this point that you are happy with your game?
KAWHI LEONARD:  So far just in my own mind when I come to the game I bring my team energy and get us going on the defensive end.

Q.  Defensively how are you able to disrupt the Thunder so successfully?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Just knowing our offense and just trying to do the best job I can do by anticipating passes and just getting my hands in the passing lane.

Q.  I hear some professional athletes after they've been in the league for a while say the game slows down.  Has it slowed down for you at all?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Yeah, being in the Playoffs my first two years definitely helped me just going out there and being comfortable and just playing the game like it's any other game.

Q.  Were you pleased with the job you guys did on Durant and Westbrook kind of keeping them in check?
KAWHI LEONARD:  I'm pleased with the win, but I feel like they still did a great job and scored the ball very well.

Q.  When you were growing up, was there a player that you admired that could affect the game in similar ways like yourself?
KAWHI LEONARD:  I mean, I had a lot of different players growing up.  I really didn't look at that growing up when I was little, just really liked how they scored or did something with the ball.

Q.  Who in particular, like a Scottie Pippen?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Yeah, I liked Scottie Pippen's game, but I really didn't get a chance to really notice him and know what he was doing until he was on the Trail Blazers, I believe.

Q.  Being as young as you are, what's it like to see a guy as old as Tim is playing at the level that he's playing?
KAWHI LEONARD:  It's great.  I mean, like I said, just his drive, being that old and playing his 17th year in the NBA and still wanting to be the best player on the floor, it's fantastic.  It just motivates me.

Q.  Can you imagine yourself at 37, 38 years old?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Not now.  I'm living in the moment.

Q.  You said a guy being that old.  Do you think he's old?
KAWHI LEONARD:¬† No, not‑‑ I mean, his age isn't old, but 17 years in the NBA is a long time.¬† That's what I'm saying.¬† 17th year and still wanting to be one of the best players on the floor is just insane.

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