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May 18, 2014

Gary Woodland


Q.  How was the day?
GARY WOODLAND:  One of those just trying to get it close.  Didn't get much to go in today, hit a lot of edges.  I hit a lot of good putts, especially early, just couldn't get anything to go in.  To see one go in the last hole is kind of fitting, but like I said, I'm playing good this week.  I've been playing good for a while so we've got to build on this and get better and get ready for Memorial.

Q.  You have had Top‑10 finishes over a third of the time this year.
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, I've been playing good.  I've had a bunch of Top‑20s finishes now, except for Augusta, where I finished 26th, but I'm playing good.  My game is a lot better, even when I don't have it like today I can still hang around, which is a good thing.
I think I've been in the Top‑10 three years in a row, heading into Sunday.  Shot 78, 80, and today I shoot 71, but I'm getting better.  It's frustrating right now, it stings a little bit because I had a pretty good chance to win the golf tournament, but we'll build on it and get better.

Q.  Is it tougher to play well on Sunday?  Saturday you moved a lot on what they call "moving day."
GARY WOODLAND:  No, conditions were a little tougher, I thought.  The wind blew a little bit more.  Just didn't give myself chances, especially when you had good putts.  We felt like we had some good shots, just couldn't get anything to go in.

Q.  The first eight of the nine holes you were right there.
GARY WOODLAND:  I played good, 7 killed me.  The par 5s, were tough for me this week.  I played the par 5s even par and I could get home on 7 hitting middle iron into it every day and

16 I'm hitting long iron into, so for me to play those even par, that's 8 shots, that's a golf tournament.

Q.  What's next for you?
GARY WOODLAND:  I'm off this next week, I'm heading to Cabo right now, it's my birthday this week, so I'm going to go down and enjoy Cabo and I'll get ready for memorial. 

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