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May 18, 2014

Frank Vogel


COACH VOGEL:テつ Hello, everyone.

Q.テつ Do you have any clue what the starting lineups are going to look like?テつ They changed it several times.
COACH VOGEL:テつ I'm predicting that they start out Wade, James, Chalmers, and Bosh and Haslem, but I'm sure we could see anything.

Q.テつ Frank, you guys have worked out hard all week‑‑ all year to get to this point to get the home court advantage against the Heat.テつ What conversations have you guys had prior to this game to keep it all in perspective?
COACH VOGEL:テつ Well, just I think the first two rounds made it very clear to us that being at home doesn't guarantee anything.テつ It is an advantage, but it doesn't guarantee anything.
So we've got to go out and win the game.

Q.テつ What is the difference between having played 9 games or 13 games?
COACH VOGEL:テつ I don't know.テつ I think there really is a difference.テつ I've seen teams that play more be sharper, and I've seen teams that play less be more rested, but I've seen it work the other way too.
I don't really think it means anything.テつ I think both teams are rested enough and ready to get after each other.

Q.テつ Does their lineup approach impact strategy at all?テつ Because they have gone small before and probably will at some point.
COACH VOGEL:テつ No, it doesn't.テつ Just the volume of coverages.テつ They play with Bosh at the five even if they start Haslem.テつ They'll have some lineups throughout the game where Bosh is at the five, and we're prepared for that.テつ We're prepared for their big lineup too.

Q.テつ Coach, some ups and downs through your first two rounds.テつ Does it matter to you and your team how you got here or only that you're here?
COACH VOGEL:テつ I think there were good lessons there.テつ It doesn't matter how we got here, and we're here, but I think everything that you endure throughout a season impacts who you are as a basketball team.テつ So I think those experiences, understanding that, like I said, being at home doesn't guarantee anything, I think that helps you.
Feeling what it's like to have our backs against the wall in the Atlanta series helps us.テつ So I think, if anything, those two series have helped us, and we're ready to go.

Q.テつ Speaking of backs against the wall, your team obviously has been at its best where you've been in a situation where you kind of had to win.テつ So this game today, are your backs against the wall?
COACH VOGEL:テつ Every team is at their best when their back's against the wall.テつ I think what we learned in game 6 in Washington is that we're capable of being at our best when our backs aren't up against the wall, and that was the message I gave our team after we won that game.テつ
Hopefully, we can be at our best today.

Q.テつ Frank, when you face a team so many times and you know exactly‑‑ each team knows exactly what the other team is going to do, how do you focus your energy, I guess, as a coach to best prepare?
COACH VOGEL:テつ There's still a shift in all the things that go into being the Heat that are different than what we've seen the last two weeks and are different than what was prior, two weeks before that against the Hawks.テつ There's different coverages.テつ There's different offensive game plans.テつ Everything is still different than what we've recently endured.
So our focus has really just been getting back to sharpening the details of what we need to do to beat the Heat.

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