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August 16, 2002

Catriona Matthew


NEAL REID: Go over your scorecard real quick. Birdies and bogeys.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Okay. Bogeyed number three. Hit a pitching wedge on and it punch off the green again. Same thing yesterday. And chipped up to about eight feet and missed the putt. Then number nine, I hit 4-iron on to probably 20 feet and 3-putted for birdie.

Then 11, I had 3-wood I was 20 yards short of the green. Chipped up to 10 feet and made that for birdie.

Then 13, par-3, I hit what I thought was a good 7-iron. Just bounced and just went through the back a little bit and that was kind of a tough pin today. Putted down and I ended up making quite a good four.

14, I hit 7-wood on to probably 25 feet and 3-putted for birdie.

Then 16 I hit a wedge to 20 feet and hold that for birdie. Holed that for birdie.

NEAL REID: How far was your par putt on 13.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: 13 it was probably about five feet with six feet of break.

NEAL REID: Questions?

Q. With those conditions, do you prefer this 70 or yesterday's 70?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I would say probably this one. It was a lot windier out there today. Yesterday was probably an easier 70. Could have been lower. But today that was probably as good as I could have down out there. It was pretty tough in the wind.

Q. I know it's hard for you to tell but do you think that the girls playing this afternoon will have a little more of a tougher time out there because of the conditions? Do you feel thankful that you got off fairly early?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yes. It was windy when we started but I think it's starting to pick up on the back nine and I think it's going to dry out the greens which will make them tougher than they are now. So, yeah, I'm pleased to be in and finished.

Q. In terms of the greens, how do they measure up from what you've seen on the tour this year? Are they some of the quickest that you've seen and are they fair?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Apart -- a couple of the greens, certainly number 12 is kind of verging on being unfair. But apart from that one I think that they're pretty fair. You got to make sure you put it in the right spot. They certainly putt very true. But you got to be careful you're on the right part of the green.

Q. Are you satisfied with your season thus far or can you they will tell us about it?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I mean I've been really pretty steady this year. I haven't really had any low rounds. But I've been playing well all year. Just haven't holed many putts. So just trying to stay patient and maybe one of these weeks, maybe this week, the putts will drop and I'll be right up there.

Q. You will be among the leaders tomorrow. What will be your mindset going on the course?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: A lot may depend on the weather. How windy it is. Just go out there and I'm hitting the ball well, so just try and give myself as many birdie chances and try not to three putt, I think.

Q. Does it make much of a difference who you are playing with today you were in a group with Golden who had done as well as she did the day before. Does that help inspire your game at all or not make any difference to you?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: It doesn't make a whole lot of difference. I enjoyed Kate and Janice. It was a good group to play in. But it really doesn't make much difference.

Q. If you could pick one or two things that were key to your consistency so far this week, what do you think those would be?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I think I've been only missed two fairways and missed one green yesterday and I think four greens today. So just kind of hitting fairways and greens which I think out there is something that you got to do. Because if you miss a green it's tough to get up-and-down sometimes with the greens.

Q. Missed two fairways all week end or for the first two rounds total?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, just missed two.

Q. Great.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Okay. Thank you.

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