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May 17, 2014

James Hahn


Q.¬† James, well done, 5‑under, 65, let's go through the round.¬† You bogey 11, you're even for the day.¬† All of the sudden, wow, 5 birdies in a row.
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, I've been hitting it really good.  I've been working on my swing a little bit, just being patient out there.  The course is playing tough, you have to hit a lot of good shots and today as I was the last couple of days, hitting the fairways, giving myself a lot of opportunities.  Just happen to hit a couple close.

Q.  Yeah, and you had an opportunity for eagle there on 16.  Of all the birdies, what felt better, one of those or the putt you made at 18 to save par?
JAMES HAHN:¬† 18.¬† The first thing I told‑‑ I shot 5‑under yesterday and the first thing I told my wife was, I can't believe I bogeyed 18.¬† It's a tough hole.¬† I feel like if you hit it out in the fairway, that makes it a whole lot easier.¬† I'm not recommending it but, you know, I just got quick on the swing and I know you can't miss that.¬† I just got lucky on the shot.

Q.  How much did you check the leaderboard?  It's been crazy out there today.  The lead got to 11 at one point.
JAMES HAHN:¬† I accidentally looked.¬† Brendon Todd was 9‑under at one point and I think I was 4 and the wind is blowing, the course is tough, the greens are fabulous, so it can go either way.¬† I think I need to play one shot at a time.

Q.  You were grinding through your round on 11 and what clicked for you on 12 when you real off that stretch of birdies?
JAMES HAHN:¬† Staying patient.¬† I was hitting a lot of good shots early on in the day, and didn't really make too many putts and it just kinda hit ‑‑ I changed balls and all of the sudden I was hitting.¬† So it feels good to make one or even two in a row and then three in a row feels good and then it just kept going, it kind of fell into place.

Q.  The season you have been struggling, missing three cuts in a row.  What do you draw on?  You haven't been in this spot recently?
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, this year has been a struggle.  I feel like I've been grinding all year.  Whether that makes me a better player or not we'll find out.  Lows are definitely lows on this TOUR, and highs are definitely highs.  I've had some lows early in the season.  It feels good to be back on top.

Q.  How comfortable are you with your game, coming off consecutive 65s?
JAMES HAHN:  Very comfortable.  I feel like I'm rolling the rock pretty good, playing well.  The biggest thing is fairways.  If I can hit a lot of fairways tomorrow, that will be great.

Q.  James, general comments on your round today?
JAMES HAHN:¬† I hit the ball well today.¬† I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens.¬† I was actually hitting the ball really good early on and I didn't make any putts and I made the turn at 1‑under, I think, and it felt like I could have been 4 or 5.¬† Another bogey on 11.¬† It just kick‑started the round.¬† I don't know what happened after that, I just started hitting a lot of good shots and staying patient and a lot of good putts going in.

Q.  What has been the biggest key?
JAMES HAHN:  Putting.  I've been practicing a lot.  It seems like every birdie putt that I had on the back nine was just outside left edge and that's the putt that I kind of hate the most.  I like them hooking hard.  Yeah, I made a lot of good putts, I committed to my line and just kept my head down and they all went in.

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