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May 16, 2014

Retief Goosen


Q.テつ You've been finding leaderboards lately.テつ You feeling good about your game?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, I think I'm starting to play a little bit more consistent.テつ Just need a good four days together.テつ It's nice to‑‑ yeah, getting to making birdies out there and not too many mistakes.テつ Nice to continue that going this week, and lucky, the weather today, there is not a lot of wind.テつ The scores were good today and the greens were perfect this morning.

Q.テつ How is the back feeling these days, okay?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Back is feeling great, yeah, I can't complain at all.テつ My back hasn't felt this good for probably seven, eight years.テつ I've been able to practice a little bit.テつ Probably hit more balls in the last sort of six months than I've hit in the last five years, so it's nice to get some work in and it's paying off.

Q.テつ Handful of guys, you, Mike Weir, Padraig Harrington, David Duvall was on the leaderboard yesterday.テつ A little bit of a flashback out here.テつ Any reason for it?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ No.テつ Maybe we have Byron's spirit with us, "the old boys," dragging him along a little bit.テつ But it's a long way to go, and I would, yeah, like to have a chance maybe on Sunday to pull it off.

Q. テつYou ready to be in the heat of battle on Sunday afternoon again?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah.テつ You know, it's been a while since I've been there.テつ At some stage hopefully I'll have that chance again.

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