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May 15, 2014

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook


Thunder – 104
Clippers – 98

Q.  Describe your game and what you were feeling out there?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Trying to find a way to win.  They did a good job putting two guys in front of me.  My job was trying to find the open guy.

Q.  Russell, how would you describe your team's performance tonight?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Great.  I thought we did a great job sticking together.  I thought our bench came in and did an amazing job of helping us get to this room.  I thought Kevin was consistent the whole game.  He rebounded well, did a great job of keeping us together.

Q.  Kevin, coach was talking about late in the game how you were doing a good job of getting the ball in good places.  Describe how that went this evening.
KEVIN DURANT:  I was disappointed Game5 how bad I was.  Being forceful and cutting.  I just tried to be conscious of cutting hard and running everything extremely fast, with pace.
Tonight my teammates did a great job of screening for me.  Russ did a great job of setting me up.  Russ, Reggie and Fish.  I just got to finish.  I just tried to stay with it, no matter what.  I started out slow.  But it's not how you start, it's how you finish.  I just tried to stick with it.

Q.  How big of a factor was Reggie with Serge going down?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  He was huge.  I think Steven was huge.  Our bench did a great job coming in.  Fish.  Nick did a great job igniting us.  It's unfortunate Serge went out, but guys stepped up.  In the playoffs, that's what you need.  Our bench did a great job.

Q.  Kevin, you've been to the finals with this squad before.  You've been through the playoffs together for four or five years.  Where are you now having gotten through this series?  Do you feel better connected?  Still a long way to go?
KEVIN DURANT:  Well, experience has helped us out a lot, just being with each other for so long.  It definitely helps.
We got a long ways to go.  We definitely can get better.  This is definitely a series that pushed us to the brink.  We were in a tough spot.  We stayed together and persevered.
We've been together so long, we've grown a lot.  Guys have matured through every type of situation and every type of game.  That's definitely going to helps out, but we have a long ways to go.

Q.  Talk about the poise and execution.  There's been criticism that execution sometimes hasn't been there.  It seems like late in the game that's what may have helped you get over the hump.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  We done a great job of sticking together.  We caused some good plays down the stretch.  Kevin did a great job of setting his guys up, getting the ball in spots that was effective.  We just did a great job of sticking together.

Q.  Kevin, you struggled a little bit in the first quarter.  How big were the three straight threes in the second to get you going and your confidence back?
KEVIN DURANT:  It was big.  They messed up on their coverage on the 1‑3 pick'n roll.  I was able to get free.  Russell made some great passes.  I stayed disciplined on my shot.  It got me going.
That was a big few minutes for me individually.  Got us going.  We were missing shots, but you see the ball go in, you start to get confident.
That was a big, big stretch for us.  Glad I was able to knock 'em in.

Q.  Russ, you get Tony Parker and the Spurs now.  What are your thoughts on that matchup?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  The Spurs or Tony Parker?

Q.  Both.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  The Spurs is a great team.  They definitely have been on a roll.  Done a good job of playing team basketball.  Looking forward to it.  Should be fun.

Q.  Has it been a matter of two extremes, Memphis and these guys, in terms of the clubs you've gotten past?  Does that set you up for the San Antonio series in a good ways?
KEVIN DURANT:  We played two great ball clubs, well‑coached, both teams.  Lost some sleep at night preparing for these guys.  It was an emotional rollercoaster sometimes.  But that's what the playoffs is about.  Every series prepares you for the next one.
We're excited to be moving on, but we're not satisfied.  We're not a happy team.  Just happy to be there.  We know how tough it's going to be, how hard it is to advance from series to series.  But we're looking forward to a great challenge coming up here soon.
Clippers, definitely you got to take your hat off to them, what happened to them the last few weeks, to continue on fighting.  It was almost cool to see them keep staying together and everyone kind of rallying around them.  It was fun playing against them.

Q.  Russell, you finished the series somewhere in the neighborhood of 29 points, 8 assists, 8 rebounds.  Describe the way you played the series.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Just trying to win, man.  I came out every night trying to find a way to help us win games.
My teammates and Kevin gave me confidence of coming out, being aggressive, playing my game regardless of what was going on.  That's all I tried to do.

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