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May 15, 2014

Peter Hanson


THE MODERATOR:  Peter Hanson joins us, 5‑under par 65, Peter, great playing out there.  Can we get comments on your round?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, thanks, it was of course a great start, 5‑under for the front nine, always nice to get off to a fast start.  I played okay, gave myself a few chances on the back, made a bogey on 14 from the middle of the fairway and, you know, kind of had a reasonable chance to make a birdie on 16, was pretty much on the edge of the green and chipped, 2‑putted and it was nice to get off the last, hitting a 9‑iron on that last hole and making that putt.

Q.  This is your first time here but talk about this golf course and how it suits your game.
>> PETER HANSON:  I think it's a good track, it sets up‑‑ definitely doesn't feel like it's very long but with the greens and how small they are and run‑off areas, if you start missing greens you get some very, very difficult lies and up and downs.  Once you start chipping, you will make bogeys.

Q.  Talking about the course, is this a tough course to go through bogey free?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, I think it is.  Like I said, if you hit the ball well, it's one of those courses that it's important to find fairways and of course by that finding greens.  Whoever can get around here and be in control of his striking is going to have a great chance and I think we've seen that with the past winners, it's been people that strike the ball very well and you stay out of the Bermuda rough and I think that's going to be key.  It will be very hard to get around here without any bogeys.

Q.  When you come to a course for the first time, how long is the learning curve?  Obviously it wasn't very long for you.  Is it something that when you're playing well it doesn't really matter whether you're seeing it for the first time or the 20th time or what?
PETER HANSON:  Maybe.  Maybe when you get to play like this‑‑ I had a rough build‑up to this week, came off a good result in New Orleans couple of weeks back and then I had a back injury that held me off the golf course pretty much all last year and it flared up again at Quail, so I had to pull out of Quail Hallow and spent all last week in Orlando doing decompression treatments.  I played nine holes on Friday, was supposed to fly out here on Monday and the flight got cancelled and I was on a 6:30 flight Tuesday morning and played 16 holes Tuesday, and had a great time with one of the sponsors of the event, played three holes in the afternoon with Chad Campbell, that was a great outing and actually went up and practiced for a few hours yesterday and walked the back nine during the Pro‑Am.  Tried to stay out of everybody's way.  Sometimes it's actually good to, like I said, walk the golf course, we didn't hit any shots, you tried to figure out, this is where I'm going to position my golf ball and this is the way to play this hole.  The not a bad way to prep.

Q.  How is your back now?
PETER HANSON:  The back is all right.  I still have quite a bit of pain but I really wanted to play this week.  Then I got‑‑ heading over to Europe the next two weeks, we have a big tournament, Wentworth and then my National Open, back in Sweden the week after that.  This is a bit of a test.  The pain level is probably from 7 at Quail to 3 now, so need to go back to the room and do rehab exercises and be ready for an early round tomorrow.

Q.  You hadn't played the back nine at all?

Q.  You just walked it?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah.  I shot level par on the back nine and 5‑under out front.  (Laughter.)
THE MODERATOR:  Peter, thanks for your time. 

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