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May 11, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q.  That putt did go down for you?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, one of my slower ones.  I'll tell you, it was a short putt, straight uphill, and it was right center inside right, but I was a little uneasy sitting on it for an hour.

Q.  Did you practice three‑footers before you went out there?
JIM FURYK:  That's all I did.  I went out there for about 10 minutes and hit right center to inside right.  I didn't really give it a great read before I left but picked out a similar putt, similar grain, and just went out and hit some putts.

Q.  Do you think 12‑under has a chance?
JIM FURYK:  It always has a chance because of the water on 17 and 18, but I know Martin is playing well.  He's got a three‑shot lead.  The holes are accessible.  16 is reachable in two, there's no wind on 17 and 18 with that pin in the front, everything funnels to it.  The last three are playing benign.  I don't think it does, and I wouldn't be surprised actually if Jordan or Sergio, if they caught me at 12.

Q.  I thought you played fine all day and I thought your putting stroke was good.  You just didn't stuff it on a couple holes that you maybe could have at 11 and 12.  Those were opportunities that you didn't quite convert on.
JIM FURYK:  I agree.  I agree.  I left some putts out there, too.  I had a good opportunity at 9 to make birdie and kind of keep it going on the front nine, didn't do it.  8 and 9, really.  And a good look at 18 that I hit just a little bit too hard.  I think I was a little too geared up.  But I hit some good putts.  In the middle of that round, like you said, 11, 12, I was a little‑‑ I got a little tentative with the putter and made a good stroke at 14, kind of got my confidence back and the rest of the way putted pretty well.

Q.  It has to be fun to play this well in your hometown.
JIM FURYK:  It is, it is.  I've struggled at this golf course.  My results haven't been nearly as good as I would have liked, so to come out here‑‑ I was on a roll coming in here and I wanted to continue it, but it's fun to play well in front of friends and family.

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