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May 11, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q.  What was the wait like?
JIM FURYK:  It was better than having to go hit balls and run out there to hit a full shot, I guess.  But the wait, I think it was probably both good and bad.
It was good because, when I missed the birdie putt in regulation, I hit a pretty good putt, I just hit it a little bit too hard, didn't give it a chance to break.  I was disappointed and sometimes when that happens you can lose your focus and concentration and really not pay the next one enough mind.
So I think that it kind of brought me back to just focusing on that 3‑footer.
The problem is I had to sit on it for an hour and it was a little uneasy, I'll admit.  But it was nice to get out on the putting green and hit 20, 3‑footers that were inside right to right center and knock a bunch of them in.  I think I missed only one of them, so that still kept me on a little edge, but I feel like I got the one miss out of the way is what I was telling myself.  But knocked a bunch of them in and had a lot of confidence over there.

Q.  Overall, pleased with the week?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, I haven't had the best of results here at this golf tournament, it's probably been one of my poorer events throughout our schedule, so to come here and I was riding a lot of momentum on the way in here, felt like my game was in good shape, so I was really just trying to kind of stay out of my on way this week.  I was playing really well, and even though I hadn't played this golf course well in the past, I really felt like it stacks up good for my game, I just needed to get over some of the awkwardness of the shots and maybe stuff that I've done in the past.

Q.  A lot of folks talking about how much this is a course that knowledge of the course matters, to have played it in tournament conditions a lot it can help.  To that point, what about what Jordan has done this week and first time in at such a young age?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, I think, I mean what he did at Augusta, what's done here, what he did all year last year, going from I'm going to think he went from sponsor exemptions to gaining temporary status, to winning a golf tournament, to making the Presidents Cup team.  So at 19, now he's 20 years old, so, really, I think that what he's done every where has been impressive, but I'll give him more credit and probably even his folks more credit in that he's really a good kid.  I mean, a lot of kids, a lot of young guys go and sky rocket to the top and you see some jealousy, see some, there's guys that almost want to dislike him and it's almost impossible with Jordan.  He's a humble kid, he's a nice kid, he's someone that you want to and you kind of have to root for.  He's a fighter and a competitor and I'm amazed at what he's done.  But there's still so much more out there for him.

Q.  Jim, this thing is far from over right now.  Kaymer is on 15, he's got a long bogey putt, I mean‑‑
JIM FURYK:  I wasn't aware that have.

Q.  Second week in a row you got, you know, great Sunday golf has put you in, given you a shot.
JIM FURYK:  So he has a three shot lead with a bogey putt?

Q.  He's got a one‑shot lead.
JIM FURYK:  One‑shot lead?  Okay.  Well, I wasn't aware of that.  So 16, 17, and 18 are somewhat benign, in that, 16, you can get there in two.  I hit a driver, hybrid on the back.
17 was playing short.  I hit a gap wedge.
And 18, the pin is just begging you to hit it tight.  I hit it about 12 feet there and was thinking I could get it a lot closer.
So they're not playing difficult, but that being said, there's a lot of water out there and nothing's easy on a one‑shot lead.  So I guess I'll kind of hang tight and see what happens.  I would assume that we won't get out there tonight, I assume that, if something did happen, it would be in the morning.  But right now I'm kind of in the same position I was last week.

Q.  Four birdies in your first six holes, you like that momentum, and then you kind of let it go after that.  Kind of left some shots.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, I played bad, 2‑under the rest of the way, didn't I.  I knew someone was going to say that.

Q.  What was the highlight today?
JIM FURYK:  To get back to what you said, you're going to make so many birdies and so many pars and so many bogeys throughout the week or throughout the day.  I did get hot early and a lot of it was because I made a bunch of putts.
I hit it in there close on 1.
But I made an 18‑footer on 2.
I made a 30‑footer on 4.
I made 25‑footer on 6.
So putts were going in.
I missed some short ones.  I missed about an 8‑footer on 9.
I had an opportunity at 11, I didn't get the ball up‑and‑down.
I missed a 12‑footer on 18.
I didn't get it as close on 17 as I really felt I should have.
But overall I hit the ball well today, I don't think I missed a green.  I think I hit it on a couple fringes, I putted, but I don't think I chipped the ball today, other than a bunker shot at 11 for a third shot on a par‑5.
So I'm not disappointed in any way.  I don't feel like I went out fast and lost momentum or anything.  It's a tough golf course and I feel like I played very well today.
So I'm not disappointed about the way I finished.  I gave myself a lot of opportunities.  Birdied 16 on the way in.  Gave a good, decent run at a really long eagle putt.  I knew someone would say that, but I was happy with the way I played.

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