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May 11, 2014

Brian Davis


Q.  Great way to finish today.  You must be delighted.  Yesterday you talked about the swing changes, what you've been going through in your game.  Sum up how pleased you are with your performance this week.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Obviously the initial things would be angry about things, but I'm actually delighted.  I've been really struggling this year, and about four weeks ago I started working with a new coach, Andy O'Brien, and we looked at a lot of things, and I know it's not perfect by any means, but we've made big strides.  I've made a couple of cuts and got good momentum, and coming in here, I love this week, but this is the ultimate test around this place.  I played great all day, I just got a wind switch on 17, and it is what it is.  I'm still proud of myself for the way I played this week, and it's still to build on.

Q.  Absolutely.  When you're working on swing changes it's a tough place to come, isn't it?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, it is.  It's not the easiest.  Obviously we've had a bit of wind up this week, so it really tests it to the limit.  But I'm proud of‑‑ I hit a lot of good golf shots today, and that's all I can do.

Q.  Was the wind up on 17?  Was that adrenaline or what?
BRIAN DAVIS:  No, Rory stood up and changed his club because the wind was supposed to be down.  Wind was coming out of the right, and then he hit a great shot, and then I stood up and the wind went down, and that added four or five yards, and obviously in the water.  It's just disappointing, but obviously it was a great two‑putt there to make double.  You know, it is what it is.  Hit two great shots into 18, and for me it's not about wanting to score, it's about hitting the execution of the shot.  That's all I can do right now, and I'm obviously delighted with the way it's going.

Q.  What does this now do for you for the rest of the season?
BRIAN DAVIS:  A bit of momentum, and I wasn't enjoying my golf early in the year.  I really wasn't.  I wasn't happy in my swing.  I just wasn't happy.  But to get in contention, to get in the hunt again is just what I want.  To have that mojo back again and feel a bit confident about what I'm actually doing is a great feeling.

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