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May 11, 2014

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook


Clippers – 101
Thunder – 99

Q.  KD, you were able to get good looks in the first 36 minutes of the game.  What changed the last 12 minutes?
KEVIN DURANT:  Nothing.  Scored in the fourth.

Q.  You had 35 in the first.  What did the Clippers do?  How did they contain you?
KEVIN DURANT:  Didn't do nothing.  They tried to double‑team.  It was our defense.  Offensively we were good.

Q.  Russell, this is a victory most of us on press row thought you had.  How tough is this going to be to get past?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  It's a tough loss, but it's a series, man.  It ain't like we going home.  It's 2‑2.  We'll go back home and take care of business.

Q.  Russ, can you talk about going up against Collison, the UCLA connection.  Was there a back and forth between you guys in the fourth quarter?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Darren is a good player, did a great job for his team and their unit.
He had a good game today.

Q.  Russ, can you talk about that look you had at the end.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  It was a good look.  Obviously we didn't have no more timeouts to call one.  But I thought it was a good look.  Just didn't go in.

Q.  Talk about the defense, giving up 38 in the fourth.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  We got to get back.  Gave up too many layups.  They got too many easy baskets, especially when we had the lead.  We'll look at film and see what happened.

Q.  What challenge does Chris Paul present?
KEVIN DURANT:  He doesn't.  It's not a one‑on‑one.  When I catch the ball, they sent in a double‑team.  When they sent the double‑team, they did a good job of crowding me, making me get rid of the ball.
When it's one‑on‑one, I got the advantage.

Q.  Scott talked about the physical play, the nature of the game.  Is that a factor?  Do you like that?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  No.  We just played the most physical team in basketball, Memphis, a series ago.  Definitely it's not a factor.

Q.  Kevin, how deflating can a loss like this be or is it something you can let go of and take care of business?
KEVIN DURANT:  It's a three‑game series now.  Of course, we let this one slip away.  We could have took control of the series.
We go home.  It's not guaranteed we win at home.  But we came here and got a W just like they came in our house and got a W.  Tied up.  Two games at home, so...
We got to take advantage of this opportunity.

Q.  After seeing what happened tonight, how important is it that you have home‑court advantage?
KEVIN DURANT:  Any team can win at home.  We just got to play the game.  I think we play with that intensity we had the first, what, 43 minutes of the game, then we got a solid chance.

Q.  Kevin, how does this loss compare to any other loss you've experienced?  How angry are you about what happened today?
KEVIN DURANT:  Every loss is tough to swallow.  We got to have a quick turnaround.  We got our next game in a couple days, so...
We got to turn the page quickly.  Can't get too high off of wins and too low off of losses.  Got to figure out what we did wrong, get better at it in Game5.

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