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May 9, 2014

Russell Henley


Q.テつ Just talk about the grind out there today.
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, it was blowing I think a little bit harder than yesterday, and I feel like the greens firmed up, as well.テつ I was happy with how I hit the ball.テつ I had a couple loose shots, but overall feel like I hit it pretty well and hung in there.

Q.テつ And then the excitement of being right up there tomorrow?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, you know, I was saying I'm glad I made the cut and going to the weekend.テつ I feel like I'm in good position.テつ That's about all I can ask after two days.テつ Hopefully I can keep making birdies and hanging tough and have a chance Sunday afternoon.テつ But got a long way to go.

Q.テつ Are you satisfied with the round today?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ You know, for how I hit it on a few shots and the way I hung in there, the way I reacted to some bogeys, some dumb bogeys, I feel like I am happy, and it felt good to end with a birdie.

Q.テつ What were the conditions like in the afternoon?テつ That wind was definitely bigger than yesterday.
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, I was just telling somebody I hit 7‑iron on 18 yesterday from like 191, just a little past the flag, and today I had 196 flag on 18, and I hit 8‑iron past the flag. テつIt's blowing.

Q.テつ Going into any Saturday, regardless of what tournament, what's your mindset, what's your attitude tonight?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I'm just going to try to keep my routine the same and just enjoy it.テつ I feel like I enjoyed the last two days playing golf in good weather in Florida.テつ It doesn't get much better than this, especially being at THE PLAYERS.テつ This is a really special event for everybody, and any time you can be in the top three going into the weekend, it's nice, but like I said, I have a long way to go.

Q.テつ How tough was it to bounce back after the back‑to‑back bogeys on the back nine?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, it is tough.テつ It's not a situation you really want to be in, but I felt like I hung tough, had a good attitude and was able to make a few birdies coming in, and it feels a lot better than making a few bogeys.

Q.テつ It seems like this is a tournament where you can make the slightest mistake on any of these holes and something like that can happen?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Sure, sure, you've got to be very precise on everything you're doing out here, especially with how windy it is, and that can mess with you a little bit.テつ I feel like you've got to be really patient and just try to‑‑ if you're going to make something over par, just make a bogey.

Q.テつ Can you tell us about the escape on 6 again?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ 6 I hit a very poor 3‑iron in the right pine straw, and my ball was up against a pine cone and a stick, resting in between them, and I had to hit it under a limb that was about five feet off the ground with a 7‑iron, had 184 flag and had 160 to cover, so I had to hit a low 7‑iron to fly just on, and I did it and it rolled back to the flag.テつ If you push it right of that green or left, there's trees, and it's just a tough second shot, and I felt like that was probably the best shot I hit today.

Q.テつ Going into tomorrow's round are you looking to make a move and be aggressive?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I'm a pretty aggressive player.テつ I think it's one of those things like on 9 today, if I get within a 3‑wood of the green, I'm probably going to go for it.テつ 16 if I hit a great drive and I have an iron in, I'll probably go for it.テつ It's all a matter of if you can put yourself in position to be aggressive out here, and if I'm in that position, I'm absolutely going to go for it.

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