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May 9, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  A big difference yesterday to today and you get a chance to be here on the weekend.
ADAM SCOTT:  In score I think so.  I don't think I played that much better to be honest.  My putting is not that great.  My feel is just way off at the moment.  Anything outside 10 feet or even closer, six feet, just don't have a good chance.  So I've got to hit a few good shots here and there to get a good chance.  Hopefully it's good enough to play another couple days, otherwise it'll be disappointing.

Q.  With only a few holes left today you ran a few birdies in, so obviously you put your foot down and had a crack at it.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, why not.  Look, I think my game is pretty good, but certainly at Augusta and then kind of here, as well, my pace putting has been poor, and it's a big momentum killer.  Even today I was 4‑under through eight holes and 30 feet away on 18 and three‑putt, and it's a big momentum killer because 4‑under through that nine you're looking good, and get a quick start on 1 and 2 the next nine, you could be shooting a really low score out here.  All of a sudden I'm putting it in reverse again.  Just need to sharpen that up.  That's the only thing that I'm going to be really critical on my game with.  Everything else is kind of falling into place where I want it and is up to par, but I'd like to get my feel back.

Q.  Had you not played this week you still would have passed Tiger for world No.1.  Did you know the scenario?
ADAM SCOTT:  No, I didn't.  I haven't been watching any of that kind of stuff.  You know, I would have thought there was other guys with the possibility anyway this week, so sitting at home wasn't going to do me any good.

Q.  I couldn't quite see your third shot on 9 because your ball was below where the camera could see it.  Was it a tough lie?  You hit a beautiful shot.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it wasn't the worst lie, but it wasn't a great stance.  I was half in the bunker, half out, but I had a fairly good lie considering how long the rough was and managed to hit a good shot.  You know, it was maybe just enough.

Q.  Did you know at the time?  Did you think that at all?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, you can see on the board, it says projected cut‑1, but it's close to 70 guys.  I'm going to need the wind to stay up this afternoon.  That's the only defense out there at the moment because the course is a little soft, and if there's no wind you can attack.

Q.  Do you watch golf on TV when you're not playing?
ADAM SCOTT:  I like to catch the end of tournaments if I'm around, yeah.  I think I watched‑‑ I saw Kuchar win the other week.  That was pretty fun to watch.

Q.  Do you remember where it was?
ADAM SCOTT:  Hilton Head, yeah.  I was sitting on the couch that afternoon.  You know, yeah.  I like to watch the end if I'm not doing anything else.  Sure, it's part of the job.  Maybe I'll learn something.

Q.  If you get to the weekend, do you grind to get to 16?  Is that even a consideration, motivation or anything?
ADAM SCOTT:  Just grind no matter what.  You know, two rounds like today, if I get to play over the weekend, could go a very long way.  You never know what conditions will be like and what this course can do.  You know, usually a low weekend around quality golf courses like this go a long, long way, so I'll be grinding very hard.

Q.  If you don't get to the weekend, how do you leave feeling about your game?
ADAM SCOTT:  Oh, I feel okay, but just annoyed that I finished 17 and 18 so poorly yesterday, somewhat sloppy and quite costly, really.

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