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May 8, 2014

Feliciano Lopez


THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Spanish, please.

Q.  Do you think that the fact of not playing today, are you going to lose rhythm of competition or you just take it as a rest day?  Is it going to be bad for you?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  You never know.  Of course there is nothing better than playing and winning for your own confidence.  That's obvious.
Apart from that, physically talking, if the matches are hard it can be harmful for the next day.  On this occasion I don't think so.
Tomorrow I will play at night, so physically I would have the whole day to recover tomorrow.  So that way it's difficult to elaborate.  I cannot tell you if it's going to help me or not.
Tomorrow night I will tell you when I'm done with my match.

Q.  If I'm not wrong, since 2011 Shanghai you don't make it to the quarterfinals in a Masters 1000.  Maybe you're not playing your best tennis here.  Are you surprised to be here in the quarterfinals with the possibility to make it to the semis?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  Well, you know, apart from today's match, you have circumstances that can happen several times.  The two previous matches have been pretty good for me.
This year in the clay season I had only played three tournaments.  I played three tournaments.  Well, one of them I had to leave because of a strong allergy.
Then in Barcelona I got there without having trained.  Didn't have rhythm or, you know, I had hardly trained on clay.
It was just a training tournament just to go and try.  In Munich I lost.  He really played much better than me.  I didn't have any options.  And then I came here to Madrid.
I trained much more than what I have been training before to get used to playing here and playing on clay especially.
The first match I knew was really tough.  Delbonis, given my game and the court that we were playing on, he's an uncomfortable opponent.  I managed to go through.
And with Youzhny the same.  Started playing a little bit better than me until the break in the second set, which changed the whole dynamic of the game.
I managed to play, I don't know if it's my best tennis, but I know that I played really well.

Q.  Talking about your game, I could see you going up to the net several times.  Do you think that's something that you're going to build on?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  Well, I think that's where I'm really good, where I feel myself more comfortable and where I really feel good.
From the back of the court, you know, I don't feel that I'm a bad player.  I can play in the back and do long points, but where I'm good is when I'm attacking.
Sometimes it's difficult to go up to the net because the people do very good passing shots.  People are physically very good, and you have to go well up to the net in order to have the guarantee that you're going to do a good point.
Yesterday I did it well.  Most of time when I went to the net I won the point.  I think that's the way I have to play.  It's true that yesterday until one point in the match the score was maybe a little bit tight and I didn't find a way of doing that.
I didn't manage to go up to the net, which is what I need to do.

Q.  The other day you said that you knew Youzhny for many years.  You knew how to play with him.  Thiem it wasn't so easy.  Tomorrow is Nishikori.  Can you tell us about the match.
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  Well, complicated.  We have played four or five times in clay.  We've played in quick courts.  I think I beat him once.  Another time in Cincinnati, if I remember well.
He beat me last year in Tokyo.  He's a complicated player.  He's very fast.  He returns the ball very well.  He comes from a moment where he has a lot of confidence.  He has won Barcelona, which I think is a really good test on clay.
Only great players can win there on clay.  This year, you know, he took advantage of the opportunity that Rafa and David had lost in order win that tournament.  Over here he comes again with a lot of the confidence that titles can give you and all the matches he won.
Tomorrow, you know, I have to play really well if I want to beat him.

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