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May 2, 2014

Justin Rose


Q.  Well played, 67, another eagle today.  Pleased with your play?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, obviously those cheap eagles, they get you going.¬† It was a nice chip‑in on the 15.¬† I was pleased overall today.¬† I did everything well in spells today, drove it well in spells, my lines were a bit better today.¬† I felt like I putted pretty well, too.¬† Anything negative would be 7 and 8, not taking care of those two holes but at the same time that pin on 7 was incredibly difficult today.¬† Phil putted off the green, I left 7 and 8 short, so very tough to get a 2‑putt down there from the ridge.¬† But finished with a nice putt for par at the last hole, which made the day feel incredibly positive.

Q.  Greens a little more receptive today, cloudy, no wind, cool temperatures.  Control your golf ball on the greens a little bit better today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, absolutely.  If you hit good shots today you were going to make birdies.  I hit the ball pretty close to the flag all day actually, near the stick on 11, close on 12, close on 13, chipped to the green on 15, so I felt like I could get it going today.  Overall it's a great place to be going into the weekend.  I anticipate a few guys to go out and play well this afternoon.  I don't think the wind is going to pick up too much, but I doubt I was going to get too far out in front so right where I need to be.

Q.  What are you going to work on this afternoon?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Rest.  I didn't sleep well last night.  I'm not a napper, but maybe get in a nap and try and recover as best I can for the weekend.

Q.  67 today for Justin Rose.  What was the difference?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I guess I hit my lines better today, I started off hitting close on 11, close to 12, close to 13 chipped in for eagle at 15, so I felt like I could take advantage of the calm conditions today.  I guess it's a bit more solid with the irons and everything else was steady, I think.  My short game was still fairly sharp.  If I were to look at anything negatively, I would say I just didn't take care of 7 and 8, left two out there, but "holed" on the 9th hole, my 18th, so I'm right where I need to be.

Q.  It's interesting with the players playing together, your partners were struggling out there today.  How did you control your emotions to make sure you were still in a positive frame of mind?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I just have to take care of it one shot at a time, but it did, the group got quiet, and it was tough out there for guys and they weren't on top of their game so I was just trying to separate my thinking and just trying to stay positive, keep trying to hit good shots out there.  Yeah, the atmosphere definitely changed, I'm guessing not (Away from mic.)  I'm happy with the way I finished.  The par on 18 made me walk off the golf course feeling positive.

Q.  Nice day out there.  Can you comment on the round?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Sure, felt like it was a perfect day to play golf today, overcast, calm compared to yesterday.  Allergies are better because of that.  Yesterday was tough.
I got off to a good start, hit close on No. 11, close on 12, close on 13, chipped in for eagle on 15 which put me in the mind frame that if I could get some birdies I could do well today.  The round got a little bit quiet around the turn, but I just had to hang in there.  I suppose and I made a couple of birdies on the back nine.
For me, I let a couple slip on 7 and 8 but "holed" a good putt on No. 9, which was my 18, to come out feeling positive about playing.

Q.  Do you believe this is an indication that you're fully healthy and can you tell us how much of a factor the injury has been for you this year?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, I would say definitely I've been feeling good for a number of weeks now and feeling good on the driving range for at least a month.¬† Sometimes it's a lag affect before it shows up on the golf course, but I just felt that I needed to string a bit of golf‑‑ number of rounds together.¬† I've had a lot of stop‑starts this year, and I just felt like I needed to get toned and sharp, and that's beginning to show up.¬† My short game is sharp, and I'm seeing the ball go in with my putter, so all in all feeling really good.

Q.  Is it important for you to perhaps get a win before Pinehurst?
JUSTIN ROSE:  That would be nice.  If you win a major and then don't win in the next twelve months, sure.  It would be nice to go back with the confidence of having just won a tournament, and if I can do that in the next month or so, that would give me a little lot of confidence going back to Pinehurst and trying to defend.

Q.  (No microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE:  I have not, no.  I'm going to get up there the week before, because that's when the golf course will be its most ready.

Q.  What are your thoughts on this golf course as it pertains to this game and is it a place you like to come to?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I think it's a championship golf course and you have to move the ball both ways off the tee, which I think suits my tee, and it's a good‑iron play golf course, which typically suits my game, hasn't been sharp this year but it's coming around, and the greens are putting well, so I feel like I'm reading them well right now.¬† Every hole pretty much suits my eye, and I know how to play this golf course and get round it, and I've done well here in the past.¬† I have played some good rounds and I seem to be comfortable.

Q.  Were you trying to hold it together today and what gives you the confidence that you can continue on your play and do well?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I have to focus on my own game out there today.  There was a period when me and Phil were standing over there, and I was trying to get in my own bubble and finish as strong as I could, but definitely the atmosphere in the group changed and that's all part of the sport and the game.  Everyone has to focus on their own game.

Q.  You said it got quiet around the turn.  (No microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Absolutely.¬† I hit a great tee shot on No. 5, as I did No. 7.¬† So if you don't take care of the par 5 when you hit a good tee shot, it's disappointing, and I had a decent shot and read the 6‑footer really well, so I was pleased out there.¬† I had to take advantage of one of the two par 5s on the back nine that makes me feel good.¬† You're not going to birdie them all every day so if you take your chances when you come upon them and do well, then you feel good about it.

Q.¬† As far as the weekend goes, one of the leaders, if not the leader, you can sleep on it, go out late tomorrow you will be battling your allergies again ‑‑
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, I feel I'm in a good spot.¬† Obviously you can never win it on Thursday or Friday, you can only lose it.¬† So two good solid days, put me in a good position for the weekend.¬† I think Martin Flores got in 9‑under is that correct? ¬†So I won't be leading, but I expect a few guys to go out there and shoot well this afternoon, so I'll be in and around exactly where I need to be, last couple of groups off, possibly, and Saturday is all about keeping pace with the leaders and Sunday, as we all know, it's the strongest man of the day.
THE MODERATOR:  All right, Justin, thank you, sir.

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