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May 2, 2014

Webb Simpson


Q.テつ You gave one back today but you gotta feel good about where you sit IN relation to how the tournament is shaping up?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ I started out struggling a little bit and I thought I held it together and got a few birdies there on the front.
Not exactly what I wanted today, but I didn't chew myself out at all.テつ The course is still tough.テつ I think the scores will be better this afternoon, so right there in it, I think, still.

Q.テつ On Saturday if you're going low, you're moving up.テつ What's‑‑ what do you feel the number might be for you tomorrow to get toward the top?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ I think the weather is going to be great the next couple of days, so I think score conditions will be perfect for us.
I definitely think something in the 60s will keep me in it and give me a chance Sunday.

Q.テつ What was missing from your round today?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ It was driving there in the first part of the round.テつ Then I hit a couple of chips that weren't normally what I do.テつ It was just one of those things, nothing really stuck out.テつ I had three lip‑outs today, all three of those putts I thought I made.テつ So yesterday was a different story in the sense that all the putts went in.
But I had a nice, solid last few holes to round out the day and all in all kind of hung in there; that's how I view today.

Q.テつ Are there days or weeks that you kinda need one of those to realize what you might want to improve on the next day?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ Exactly.テつ Today could have gone a 75 or 76 if I wasn't careful.テつ So I really wanted to make that putt in the last hole to get it back to even.テつ I think even would have been exceptional with the game I had today, but we're going to practice this afternoon and figure something out for the weekend.

Q.テつ Do you think double digits will do it?
WEBB SIMPSON:テつ I think so.テつ With the weather we're going to have, I don't think too far in the double digits, but I think somebody can get there.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Webb.

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