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May 2, 2014

Caroline Masson


Q. テつYou must be pleased with your finish.
CAROLINE MASSON:テつ Absolutely.

Q.テつ Just take me through the run‑down.テつ Did you putt off the edge or chip off there?
CAROLINE MASSON:テつ Rescue, so something in between, right?テつ It was kind of a little dodgy lie and like up‑and‑down, kind of weird, and really downhill on the green.テつ I was thinking what was the best option, maybe the rescue wasn't the best option, but at least I had an uphill putt for birdie.テつ Yeah, it was a good putt and it went in.

Q.テつ How far are you thinking?

Q.テつ Yeah.
CAROLINE MASSON:テつ Must have been‑‑ okay, let me try and‑‑ yeah, 15.テつ So it was nice to see that go in.

Q.テつ It had to be a very good momentum booster going into tomorrow.テつ How did you feel overall today, another solid round?
CAROLINE MASSON:テつ Yeah, I started off well again, made some birdies, maybe didn't play as good as yesterday, but I made some good putts and I played pretty consistent, made a great par on 14.テつ I hit it way left and had to chip out and hit it close and made the putt, so that was really niece to keep that momentum going, and I finished with a birdie, so overall, yeah, I think it's a great day.テつ I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, stay patient, and yeah, everything is good.

Q.テつ Is your confidence at an all‑time high?テつ Are you comfortable going into a weekend with the lead?
CAROLINE MASSON:テつ Yeah, I just feel comfortable with my game.テつ It feels like, I don't know, I'm hitting it solid.テつ I don't really mis‑hit many shots, so that makes me feel pretty confident out there.テつ I'm just trying to enjoy it, have fun, not try to have any pressure get to me.テつ You know, just having a good time.

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