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April 27, 2014

Stephen Curry

Andre Iguodala


Warriors テや 118
Clippers - 97

Q.テつ Stephen, you got off really well in the first quarter.テつ I don't think you've shot so explosively in this series yet.テつ What was different?
STEPHEN CURRY:テつ We tried to come out with a sense of urgency.テつ That's been a big problem in the first three games, as a team we haven't started games off well and they've gotten, I think, a double‑digit lead each first quarter.
So we moved the ball well, gotta set screens, but we executed at a higher pace.テつ And we do that, it's tough to guard.テつ Obviously you've gotta make shots and try to get momentum on your side.

Q.テつ Were you more urgent?
STEPHEN CURRY:テつ I was looking for any space I could get.テつ And like I said, I come off screens, usually they have been trying to trap, and the passes is pretty much open and into the paint, and guys were able to make plays, but tonight I was able to step into a couple of quick 3s.テつ And once you hit a couple early, it seems like there's more space that opens up.

Q.テつ Andre, Coach Jackson had mentioned during the week he wanted to see more out of you.テつ Obviously averaging eight points, I know you wanted to contribute more.テつ Was there a conscious effort on your part to go to the hoop more today?テつ You had some good looks.テつ Obviously had a great game.
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ Game 1 I felt really good.テつ That's probably the best I felt all year.テつ I just got fouled out.テつ I really didn't get an opportunity to finish up on what I started.
And Game 2 was Game 2.テつ They took that game from us.
And Game 3 I actually felt pretty good, too, but tonight it just came together.テつ Like Steph said, the urgency to getting our sets and execute was at a higher level.テつ And I think our defense led to our transition game, which is random offense, which is probably the hardest thing to guard in basketball.テつ And things were clicking for us.

Q.テつ Stephen, rather than late in the game as you guys were pulling away, you blocked a shot of J.J. Redick, and then it looked like you let out a really loud scream of some sort.テつ Could you talk about how jacked up you were at that point?
STEPHEN CURRY:テつ You're trying to close out the game, and game is like, four, five minutes left, and you understand you get a couple stops with the lead we had that we could pretty much seal the deal for tonight and tie the series.
So we've gotta be playing some great defense the whole game as a team, flying around, helping each other, talking.テつ And when you make a play like that, I don't get too many blocks.テつ So I was definitely happy.テつ And I had to realize that there was still time on the shot clock and get back into the play.
But just excited that our attention to detail on the defensive end allowed us to play a more complete game tonight and make it tough for them.

Q.テつ Andre, Coach said that after Game 3 you promised him that you guys were going to take Game 4.テつ What made you so confident?
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ You can kind of see that they had it all going for them.テつ They had a really good rhythm and they were feeling really good about themselves and they were really excited after they won Game 3.テつ Like really excited.
And that kind of let me know that they just gutted it out.テつ I mean, right there, we're not even playing our best basketball.
So I think Jermaine O'Neal mentioned it to us, we found something that will work for us.テつ And I knew we'd be ready to play.
The thing I'm most happy about is that we didn't panic.テつ You go down 2‑1, kind of feels like the world's going to end from the outside looking in.テつ And fans are kind of like panicking, we can't lose, we can't lose.テつ But we kept our composure, did what we had to do and we got tonight's win.

Q.テつ Andre, the Clippers have been going through a lot lately.テつ Did any part of you feel bad for them?
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ Feel bad for every single player in the NBA.テつ It's just not the Clippers.テつ There's a partnership with all the owners, revenue sharing, so one owner represents every owner in our league.テつ Just like when one player makes a mistake, it's a black eye for the whole body of players.
So it's not just about the Clippers, it's about every single player who goes out there and gives it their all every single night for our fans.
And it's a sad situation that someone feels a certain way about the majority of the players in this league.

Q.テつ Follow‑up question.テつ I'm used to seeing in an NBA game before the first tip‑off players knock hands and say hello.テつ You don't seem to do that with the Clippers.テつ Why is that?テつ I don't mean you personally, no one.
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ It's the playoffs.テつ You see each other every night.テつ You do it the first game, and then we'll do it at the end of the series.テつ You're familiar with them and we understand there's a respect level out on the court.テつ Every night we're going to go at it, be competitive, and that's kind of the expectation.

Q.テつ Steph, was there a point where you decided to look for your shot early even if they were double teaming?
STEPHEN CURRY:テつ It's not good offense if I go out there trying to force stuff because we have so much talent on the floor that if I can be aggressive, attacking angles, drawing two guys, eventually they're going to have to make an adjustment because I trust every single guy that's out there with me to make plays.
To be able to move the ball, you know, and allow guys to get to their spot to make plays, that's great offense as opposed to me just flinging up contested jump shots all day.
But early in the first quarter I was able to find a way to set my man up so we could get a good screen on him and come off a lot freer than I had in the previous three games and able to step into some rhythm jump shots.
And I was looking for it.テつ But not going to force the issue to the point where I'm taking away from good offensive possessions for the rest of the team out there.

Q.テつ Steph and Andre, could you both talk about this a little bit.テつ I know the last 24 hours have been major distraction.テつ But it seems like the goal of an athlete has always been to deal with distraction and get into focus and get into zone.テつ This is the most major distraction I could ever remember an NBA team ever having to deal with in any situation.テつ How did you guys deal with that?テつ And did it actually help you give you a little more motivation, or was it not a factor today at all?
STEPHEN CURRY:テつ I think for me the way we dealt with it the last 24 hours is understanding the important thing right now, regardless of what's been said or the perception of one individual, like Andre said, the majority of the basketball players in the NBA, is it's all about what goes on in the court.
We have some dedicated fans that show up every night, and to allow one comment or a lot of comments take away from that experience and that part of this time of year, it's not worth it.
So we wanted to come out and focus on all the work we've put in over the summer, throughout the course of the season to get ready for this moment in the playoffs and just have fun and enjoy it, not let one person ruin it for everybody.
ANDRE IGUODALA:テつ To me, personally, interesting I was reading a book last night called Love Does, and the specific chapter was about not giving the word Satan ‑‑ you don't put a capital letter on it.テつ He says, I refuse to put the capital letter on satan and we give it too much attention.
In this instance I think we have to ignorance and look at the bigger picture in who we affect, which is our fans, kids, globally, and show we can overcome something like that.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.

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