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April 27, 2014

Jenny Shin


Q.  Good playing today.  To put yourself in contention until that final hole, that was that like for you?
JENNY SHIN:  It was nerve wracking.  I almost shanked my third shot.  I was actually surprised it went on the green.  I was fortunate not to have a birdie putt.  I just misread it.  Again.
I feel great shooting 68 again.  I really tried hard, but following Lydia Ko and JENNY SHIN, they're three shots ahead of me, so tough.
So I didn't have very good tee shots today, so that held me back from going down a little bit deeper.  Overall, it was good.

Q.¬† 4‑under par round in the final round to put yourself in contention, I think that's pretty darn good.
JENNY SHIN:  Thank you.

Q.  Talk about the putt on 18.  The nerves and thinking about possibly forcing the playoff, were those the most nerves you've had in a while?
JENNY SHIN:  Actually, no.  Surprisingly the putting wasn't so nervous; the shots were a little bit more nerve wracking.
I hit a good putt.  The ball was rolling end over end right where I aimed.  It wasn't as nervous as I thought it would be, so can't complain.

Q.  What did you pick up from watching Stacy and Lydia and being in that group today?
JENNY SHIN:¬† They were fearless.¬† They just went for it.¬† No matter where the pin was, they just went for it.¬† If not, two‑putt, par.
Stacy didn't putt as well as she usually does today, but it was really great watching them play.  They were very calm and like they do this every day, you know, being in the final group every day.
So learned a lot, yeah.

Q.  Well congratulations.

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