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April 27, 2014

Stacy Lewis


MODERATOR:¬† All right, we're here with Stacy Lewis, the runner‑up at the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic today.
Stacy, you made it exciting out there.  All of you guys.  This was an exciting event to watch, especially coming down 18.
Just take us through the back nine, and especially your feelings as all three of you were making shots on 18.
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, I mean, coming into the day I felt great.  The front nine I did everything I wanted to do; the putts just didn't go in.
I hit a lot good putts, hit a lot of good shots, and then go the to the back nine and struggled a little bit early.
But then, I don't know, I just got back to the basics and just got back to hitting shots.  I knew I wasn't out of it.  I think I was two back at one point.
So I just had to keep grinding away and hitting shots.  Every time Lydia needed to hit a shot, she did.  I mean, she made some pretty tough shots there, especially the last three holes.  Really looked pretty easy.
She definitely earned it out there today.
MODERATOR:  You have two bogeys all day.  Can you take you us through those.  One was on 10 and the other was on...
Yea, 10, that tee shot just doesn't fit my eye.  Didn't hit a good tee shot again.  Really I had a pretty simple bunker shot, just didn't hit a good bunker shot.
13, again, didn't hit a good tee shot.  Hit a great shot out of the fairway bunker.  I thought I was going to get up on the green, and then the chip just kind rolled out further than I thought.
MODERATOR:  Going back to Lydia, she showed tremendous poise today.  What you do take way from her play that you hadn't noticed before?
STACY LEWIS:  I expected her to do exactly what she did today.  She was a little erratic on the front and made some bogeys and birdies.  Her best quality is that whenever she needs to make a shot or needs to make a putt she does.
It's pretty hard to beat someone when they do that.
MODERATOR:  You head home or close to home next week.  What do you take away from this tournament, and how excited are you to be heading back to Texas?
STACY LEWIS:  I'm very excited to get close to home, closer to the golf I'm used to playing a little bit.  And especially to have family there and kind of relax a little bit.  I've had a couple good finishes here these last couple tournaments I've played in.
The golf is there.¬† Just got to keep putting myself‑‑ giving myself chances.
MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  Curious not so much the mechanics of the last shot, but after you hit the shot on to the green on 18 and Jenny is already up there, what sort of adrenaline, emotions?  Lydia wasn't that far away, but she was in the rough.
STACY LEWIS:  Right.  Well, I mean, Jenny and I had no clue where our balls were.  You can't see anything down there.  I could tell by the crowd's reaction that mine was in there pretty close.  Honestly I thought I might have a chance at it.
I couldn't see Lydia's ball down in the rough.  She was sitting down there pretty good.  She hit an unbelievable golf shot.  You could drop 10 balls there and not do that again.  She hot a great shot and then made the putt on top of it.

Q.  To follow up, that shot that she hit there and the chip on 17, which is really quick going down that hill, off the tee you're putting, but seems like her chipping and wedge play is really and distinguishes her.
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  I mean you could go back to 13.  She hit every shot she needed to hit from 13 on in.  Made the putt on 13; hit the green in two on 14; hit it in there close again on 15; fairway shot on 16 was unbelievable.  I mean, the ball was below her feet.  Hit a great shot in there.
17, that chip shot was hard, and she just got up there like it was no big deal and hit it to two feet.
And then hit the great shot on 18.
The last six holes she hit every shot she needed to hit.  I made three birdies in that stretch and she still got me.
MODERATOR:  Any other questions?  All right, thank you Stacy.

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