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April 26, 2014

Kyle Busch


THE MODERATOR:テつ We're starting with our third‑place finisher, Kyle Busch, driver of the No.18 M&M's Toyota.テつ Give us a little bit of a run down on that last restart and your drive to a third‑place finish.
KYLE BUSCH:テつ Yeah, our day started out a little slow but then picked up.テつ We got all the way up to fourth.テつ I felt like our car was pretty good, and from there just one little change, I felt like once we got to fourth, one little change more was going to make us a good car, a car to compete for the lead, and that little change we made took us all the way back to 14th.テつ We're really battling a knife's edge with our cars it seems like.テつ I don't know if everybody is, maybe.テつ But ours more than others because we do these little changes sometimes each week and go from leading a race or third or something like that back to further back than 10th.テつ That last restart, though, was intense.テつ I really doubted Dave.テつ I thought that that was a bad call coming in and putting tires on, but man, when we went back green, everybody went fighting for the bottom.テつ It looked like they had 80 laps on their tires, and I had stickers on, and I think they only had eight laps on their tires.テつ Really crazy the way that ended up and just drove past everybody on the outside like a bad mofo, just getting my job done like I was supposed to, and kind of recovering our day and ended up third.
Thought we had a shot to win for a second with those guys racing up front the way they were.テつ I thought if I could get there and they were all still racing, I might have been able to pass the 22 and the 24, also, but once I got there they were kind of single filed out, so I got there a little late, and rolled home third.テつ We'll take it.

Q.テつ What was up with the tires do you think with all the fires tonight?テつ Was it teams over stretching things or a little bit of both?
KYLE BUSCH:テつ No, not one bit.テつ The problem is they put a harder inside edge on the right front and right rear here, and that's eventually where we ride most of the time around the racetrack on that part of the tire.テつ Why they went harder on that, I'm not sure.テつ They could have probably left the same inside edge and probably went a little softer on the outside edge of the out sides, but it's just too hard and too hard of a compound for here.テつ We were all basically on ice here, it was just like having a hard tire out there.テつ The effort that they tried to gain with the left‑side tire softening it up, you could just take the left sides off, it didn't feel like they did anything.テつ Really tough for all of us to, for one, keep the tires under our cars, and for putting a harder compound on the outside edge having it cord and come apart and actually it's supposed to be more durable I think was just not the right way to go obviously for Goodyear.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Kyle, thank you for your time.

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