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April 26, 2014

Jenny Shin


Q.  Second round of 68 this week.

Q.  That's pretty good on this golf course that's been so tough.  What was really working well for you today?
JENNY SHIN:  I think I've had couple good runs this season, and I think that's all because of my putting.
I had some long putts that fell in today that helped me turn a round into a better round.  Because I started off with two bogeys.
But, you know, when you start making birdies, everything starts going in, you start hitting it closer, and you feel better.
I think that's how it went.

Q.  There has been a lot of talk about this golf course being a major caliber type golf course.  Do you change your approach plan on a golf course like this?  Birdies seem to come more infrequently on a golf course like this.
JENNY SHIN:  I grew up in California, and there are a lot of golf courses like this in southern California.  This doesn't seem that new to me.  If you take me to the CME Titleholders in Florida, I'll be like, How do you play this course?
There's really nothing different.  Hit the fairways, hit the greens.  If you get a chance, make a birdie and get the heck out of there.  That's just how I played it.  Nothing different from Hawaii.
The coloring of the greens kind of confuses you, but it's grainy as well.  It's been continuous grainy greens.  That helped.

Q.  You've been playing some good golf lately.  What's been the key do you think?  Is it something you have been working, something that clicked?
JENNY SHIN:  Yeah, my whole life I hit my putts short, so hitting it past the hole was my main goal this year.  I said, I don't care what I shoot, I'm just going to hit it past the hole.
When you hit it in on right line, it starts going in.  That was the key to my game.

Q.¬† 6‑under; right up there.¬† Anything you're thinking about heading into that final round?¬† What's your game plan?
JENNY SHIN:  It's been a while since I've been in contention.  I think it was back in 2012.  Really nothing, because Stacy Lewis, Lydia Ko, are really, really good players.  Just going to do what I did today:  one shot at a time.

Q.  Seemed to work out pretty well for you.  I know you say it's just another golf course, but this is a tough golf course, and that's been some pretty impressive play.
JENNY SHIN:  Thank you.

Q.  Visually I know players say some golf courses look good to you.  If you've grown up playing on California golf courses, do you like seeing a golf course like this that's a little tighter, a little more narrow?
JENNY SHIN:¬† Yeah.¬† I think these kind of golf courses really bring a lot of good golf out.¬† You know, I love those tree‑lined golf courses where the holes are right next to each other.¬† You know, the old golf courses.
It's definitely intimidating compared to last week because there are so many trees around here.  But once you have the confidence that you can hit it straight, not many things are going to be in your way.

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