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April 26, 2014

Seung-Yul Noh


THE MODERATOR:テつ We'll go ahead and get started.テつ Like to welcome Seung‑Yul Noh.テつ Congratulations on your second 7‑under 65 for the week.テつ You're the only player in the field without a bogey through three rounds.テつ Obviously, that means things are going well.テつ Just a few comments about your round.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ After Houston I went to Korea and then last two weeks off and then staying with the parents and meeting a friend, going and working, little bit of school.テつ Then feel pretty happy and mentally very clean now.テつ Then come back this week and restart the season.テつ Been playing perfectly for three days.

Q.テつ How much will you lean on your win in Malaysia when you were 18 and your wins on the Asian Tour as you try to win your first PGA TOUR event tomorrow?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ 2010 Malaysia I finished one shot behind.テつ K.J. played in one shot.テつ A lot of different field from that time to this time.テつ So I think Koreans are very excited for tomorrow.

Q.テつ You've been out here a couple years now.テつ What is the biggest thing you've learned about playing on the PGA TOUR to help you get into a position like this?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ It's the first time.テつ Very disappointed in the whole season last year, and then very good experience for me.テつ I learned from that time.テつ Then won the final cities last year at the end of the season, so I had a good experience and a win experience.テつ So I'm very ready for tomorrow.

Q.テつ How special would it be to win tomorrow particularly with the tragic events back home?テつ I know the reason you're wearing that ribbon this week.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ Hopefully, I'll make all the Korean people happy.テつ It was very sad news for the Korean ship, so hopefully another bogey‑free round tomorrow, and hopefully good news for the Koreans.

Q.テつ How about playing with Keegan Bradley?テつ Have you ever played with him before?テつ What do you think of his game?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ No, I've never played with him.テつ He's a major champion and three‑time winner on the PGA TOUR.テつ But playing with the final group with Keegan is not a problem.テつ It's Keegan, so not a problem.

Q.テつ You haven't made a bogey this week.テつ How good has your iron play been?テつ Every time I watch you you're staring at the ball, going at the flag.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ Just this week.テつ Yeah, still missed a few shots the first three days, but iron shots were really, really nice.テつ That's why playing three good bogey‑free rounds, and made birdie chances.テつ Still missed a few putts, but lot of made putts.

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