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April 25, 2014

Bo Van Pelt


Q.テつ Bo, you went to bed on Thursday night with perhaps at least the possibility of missing the cut at 2‑over par.テつ You improved by 11 shots.テつ You've got a late tee time on Saturday.
BO VAN PELT:テつ Yeah, I played with Desi Vega in the Pro‑Am yesterday and went to his restaurant last night.テつ I told him I don't know what I'm going to shoot tomorrow, but it was 63 last night at dinner, so I guess that's our omen.

Q.テつ Are you going there again tonight?テつ I'd put it on the list the remainder of the week.
BO VAN PELT:テつ Yeah, the food was good enough.テつ I probably should go back the next two nights.

Q.テつ The big difference was your putting.テつ You had 31 putts in the opening round, 24 in the second round.
BO VAN PELT:テつ Yeah, I've been struggling with my reads a little bit.テつ I've been stroking it pretty well, but haven't been reading enough break.テつ I just was reading a little bit better today, and felt like the putter was coming off where I was looking.テつ I had good speed control, and I just kept giving myself chances.

Q.テつ The greens got a little bit choppy at the end of Thursday, and you had some really nice surfaces early on this Friday.
BO VAN PELT:テつ Yeah, yesterday was kind of a microcosm of my year.テつ I probably played better than my score and just was loose on a couple of holes.テつ Turned at 2‑under and 2‑over, so it was nice to get under par and stay that way.テつ Thought I'd take advantage of the par‑5s.

Q.テつ We've seen fluctuations in your putting before.テつ Not just you, but any PGA TOUR player.テつ Five years ago you struggled a little bit on the greens and then one year you're near the top 10 of strokes gained putting.テつ I remember you telling me at the time you just went back to basics that year.
BO VAN PELT:テつ Yeah, I started doing, I guess, the Kuchar Method about a month ago.テつ The ball has been rolling better than I've probably ever rolled it.テつ It's just getting used to it.テつ It's a little different.テつ But today, like I said, my reads were on point, and my speed was matching up with my lines.テつ It's always nice when you make a couple early.テつ It seems like you just see the ball going in.

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