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April 25, 2014

Billy Horschel


Q.テつ Probably not the way you want to defend your title, but just your thoughts on the week and coming back here this week?
BILLY HORSCHEL:テつ Yeah, I mean, it's fun coming back and defending my title.テつ Everything that was going on was awesome.テつ It's been a great week.テつ Unfortunately, I wouldn't say I played bad.テつ I would say I hit the ball the way I wanted to yesterday and played better today, but the way it's been going the whole year is the putts haven't dropped.
I had probably one that‑‑ I'm trying not to use bad words here‑‑ I had one of the worst lip outs I've ever had in my life or one of them on No. 3 and left a couple others out.テつ Same thing with Rickie.テつ Rickie was lipping putts out.テつ So, you know, the way I played with him in San Diego he was lipping putts out, and then obviously had a stretch where he played well.
It seems our games are the same way.テつ We don't hit it too bad.テつ We keep it in play, and we still make enough putts and that's the way it's been for me this year.テつ It's a little frustrating.テつ I'm sort of getting to my breaking point right now, and I'm trying not to show too much on the golf course.

Q.テつ Frustrating when you have ideal conditions like this morning?テつ I mean, hardly any wind at all, that makes it even worse, doesn't it?
BILLY HORSCHEL:テつ Yeah, it's tough.テつ We got the bad side of the draw, unfortunately.テつ I doubt the wind is going to blow the way it did yesterday, so we have the bad side of the draw.テつ Unfortunately, I've had the bad side of the draw for three weeks in a row now.テつ Hilton Head I had the worst side of the draw.テつ So it's the way it is.テつ Hopefully, it all evens out at the end of the year.
But like I said, I didn't play that bad in the morning.テつ I made a couple good par putts but a lot of putts lipped out.テつ It was unfortunate.テつ The greens were a little inconsistent.テつ I hit a couple good wedge shots that bounced and hit and spun back.テつ They were little hopper wedge shots.テつ So just frustrating.テつ I don't ever like missing cuts.テつ I hate missing cuts more than I like winning.

Q.テつ So one round of seeing the ball going in the hole at this point?
BILLY HORSCHEL:テつ I was hoping‑‑ I was telling my wife last night maybe this is what I need.テつ Maybe I need to be outside the cut line and go out and shoot like a 66 or 65 or maybe even a 67 would have done it.テつ Really just one or two rounds away.テつ I'm just not making enough birdies right now.テつ I think last year I averaged close to five birdies a round, and I only made three birdies today.テつ So I'm nowhere close to what I think I should be, especially the way I strike the ball, so it's frustrating.
Like I said, I'll keep plugging along and put up with it, but hopefully it stops because the tank's getting a little empty down there.

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