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April 25, 2014

David Toms


Q.テつ Much better today?
DAVID TOMS:テつ I really didn't play it much differently; I just scored a little better today.テつ I finished up with par yesterday with two holes to play at a couple under.テつ So finished better.テつ On the 9th hole, I was just trying to hit in the middle of the green, and almost (Indiscernible).テつ So just hung in there.
I played really good my first nine holes, shot 4‑under, and just kind of (Indiscernible) on my last nine.テつ Overall I feel good about where I am.テつ I just need a low round tomorrow.

Q.テつ You got a jump start on your first hole, 28, 29‑foot putt.
DAVID TOMS:テつ Right.テつ It was about time.テつ You know, that's the thing.テつ You get a lot of long putts around here if you play it at the center of the green because there are some areas that you can't get to.テつ So flag putting is very crucial here at this golf course.テつ I was able to sneak a couple of them in.

Q.テつ How is the new grip on the putter working for you and the reason that you're doing it?
DAVID TOMS:テつ I've used that grip on and off for four or five years now.テつ Just whenever it doesn't quite feel right or it doesn't feel great in your hands, I go to it.テつ This week it's worked pretty well so far.

Q.テつ Justin just told us that he's learned to love this course.テつ What are your general thoughts having played poorly and played well at this course?テつ Do you feel the same way?
DAVID TOMS:テつ I think Pete Dye courses in general just make you uncomfortable from the very first shot to the last shot, a lot of angles.テつ This golf course is a pretty long golf course for me when it's soft like it is right now.テつ So I have to play my best golf to shoot good scores.

Q.テつ Can you talk about 13 years ago when people were cheering for you coming up No. 18 when you played in New Orleans?テつ Is that a memory you still have?
DAVID TOMS:テつ Oh, yeah, I remember it all the time.テつ Playing this golf tournament, you still see the same friendly faces.テつ You see the same people that are with the Fore!Kids Foundation and everything, the guys that are running the golf tournament, the volunteers, the media, a lot of the guys that were guys and gals that were there when I won.テつ So it's always nice to come back here to play.

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