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April 25, 2014

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:テつ I said to my caddie today or I think it was yesterday what we're going to shoot tomorrow, and actually this morning what are we going to shoot?テつ He said 67 will get us right back in this tournament.テつ There was a time on the front nine where Mr.Martin was 4‑under through his first four, I think, and I was struggling at even par for the tournament, so I was 14 back.
So I thought if I played pretty nicely, and I can post a good round tomorrow, that keeps me in it.テつ But today I got it going.テつ I was 6‑under for my last 11 holes and began to put together a good run.テつ The course is 72.テつ You're always going to have your good runs and your bad runs, and the leaders haven't quite had their flat area yet.テつ That will happen, for sure.テつ That's just the way the game is.テつ That will allow me the chance to catch up.

Q.テつ Is the front easier than the back?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ I've always thought that the first six holes aren't that easy out here.テつ Then you get some chances through to about 15, so the middle of the course I think.

Q.テつ You've always seemingly played well here and had some solid finishes here.テつ Is there any reason?テつ A lot of the guys, especially the veteran players on TOUR either stop coming or don't favor this course.
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ I've had to learn to love the course.テつ I struggled with it starting out.テつ I feel like I've figured out how to putt the greens a little better.テつ They're very tricky greens to read, lot of bowls and saddles and crowns out there, a lot of double‑breaking putts, basically.テつ So I've had a better time reading them in the last few years.

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