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April 25, 2014

Seung-Yul Noh


Q.テつ You're warmed up now.テつ I guess if you could, like you said, birdie‑free your first two rounds; how do you feel going into the weekend?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ Yeah, it feels great.テつ Then my game is getting better.テつ The last two weeks off back to Korea and staying with parents, and then meeting a friend, very relaxed and coming back this week and starting to be good the first two days.テつ So it's pretty good.テつ I have a lot of confidence going into today.

Q.テつ What about this course works well for your game?テつ It doesn't seem like it always works to the strengths of certain players.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ It's a little tough.テつ The tough three holes, and then a few long par‑4s then a lot of water on this course.テつ So more focus on the ball control, especially iron shots.

Q.テつ Have you found it's been easy for you to tee off in the morning?テつ Everyone's different.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ It's never easy playing golf.テつ Much easier on the green because it's very clean conditions, better than yesterday.テつ But more walk better yesterday, bad greens.テつ So hopefully tomorrow and the weekend, hopefully, everything will be good.

Q.テつ What is the ribbon on your hat for?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ This one is to support the Korean ferry ten days ago, so hopefully everyone's safety.

Q.テつ Are you playing for them in any way?テつ Can that bring attention to that?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:テつ A little bit, yeah.

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