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April 20, 2014

Mike Bryan

Bob Bryan


6‑3, 3‑6, 10‑8

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in English, please.

Q.テつ Five times in a row now.テつ Talk about the match today.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ It was another tough match against a great team.テつ We've had a lot of battles against those guys.テつ They've been tough on us recently.
Came down to a couple points in the breaker.テつ The 7‑6 point was probably the key point.テつ I clipped the line, hit a nice shot over the middle.
It's been a great run.テつ The last five tournaments, I think we've done it once before in our career where we won five in a row.テつ That was last year.
We're playing well, really confident.テつ Couldn't ask for a better time to get hot.テつ Three Masters Series and two in the States.

Q.テつ It was clay in Houston?

Q.テつ Now you're on the red clay.テつ Does this give you a lot of confidence as you build towards Roland Garros?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Yeah.テつ We've been winning close matches, too.テつ Winning a super breaker against Verdasco and Marrero in Houston.テつ Yeah, it's great for the confidence for the rest of the clay season.テつ What you want to do is build towards the French Open.

Q.テつ Mike, I think it's your hundredth tour title now.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Yeah, it's amazing to hit triple digits.テつ It's a great milestone to say that you have a hundred, to be the first player to hit a hundred titles.テつ Kind of snuck up on us pretty quick.
Last few years we've been really hot.テつ We always wanted to beat the Woodies' record of 61.テつ Then trying to clip Todd Woodbridge's 83 titles.テつ All of a sudden we're at 99.
BOB BRYAN:テつ You're at 99.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ I'm at 99.
Yeah, it's just really a great feeling to hit that number.

Q.テつ Bob, you got a few to go.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Two, to be exact.

Q.テつ Yours may come up at a Grand Slam.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Hopefully before.テつ We've got two tournaments or three coming up before the French.テつ But, yeah, I mean, it's incredible to see what he's done.テつ I guess I'm knocking on the door.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ It will feel a lot better when we do it as a team.テつ We've always looked at our career as team titles, doing it together.テつ That's the huge goal for this year, is to do it together.

Q.テつ The doubles game, way back to when you started, is it that much more competitive now?
BOB BRYAN:テつ It's changed drastically, just the styles.テつ The entry system, allowing singles players entry into the doubles tournaments has made these draws a lot tougher, a lot scarier.テつ It's gotten rid of half if not two‑thirds of all the doubles specialists.
The doubles specialists that have survived are the cream of the crop.テつ These guys have trainers, coaches.テつ No one is on the tour anymore just hanging on, enjoying the lifestyle.テつ Everyone is extremely professional.
You got those playing against incredible singles players.テつ The singles players have brought in incredible ball striking, returning, staying back.テつ You have a vast array of different styles clashing on the court.
We think it's being played at its best level right now.テつ The approaching and the I formation, all that strategy has come into play in the last I would say 10, 12 years.
So, yeah, you have to evolve with the trend or you're going to get left behind.

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