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April 18, 2014

Billy Hurley III


Q. テつThat was a fantastic round of golf.テつ Obviously the only bogey‑free round we're going to see all day.テつ How did you manage to do it?
BILLY HURLEY:テつ That's a really good question.テつ I got it up and down a lot.テつ I left myself kind of a lot of uphill chips and I really just pitched it really well around the greens.テつ Certainly you're going to miss greens out there as windy as it is.テつ And around this place you're going to miss greens, anyway.
But I kind of just left it in good places.テつ I hit a lot of quality shots.テつ But I really pitched it well the last two days, really.テつ I didn't hit a ton of greens the way that is standard out here, but I pitched it really well.

Q.テつ You can't get a lot of the greens around this place, it just can't be done.テつ How tough was it out there?テつ Have you seen a day like this on the PGA TOUR?
BILLY HURLEY:テつ I don't know if I have seen a day quite like this that hasn't been raining more and then you're done.テつ You play two holes in something like this before you end up going in.テつ But it's definitely one of the windiest days I've played out here.テつ It's the kind of golf course where you've kind of got to keep it between the trees, too.テつ The wind is quite difficult around this place.

Q.テつ It really is.テつ But now I would think that you'll just spend the afternoon watching your name climb the leaderboard higher and higher.テつ If they play this afternoon, it's not getting any easier.
BILLY HURLEY:テつ No, it's not getting easier and I think they will play some.テつ Obviously it's not raining too much yet.テつ But I do think that they'll probably get called off with what the radar screen looks like later this afternoon.
Hopefully it stays kind of windy.テつ We don't want the wind to die now kind of thing.テつ I just hit 3‑wood into 18 and didn't get it to the front.テつ It was a long hole.

Q.テつ Was there any concern about getting it over the hazard there?
BILLY HURLEY:テつ Off the tee, I didn't think so.テつ But apparently there was, because I flushed it.テつ It was only like 210, 212 carry over the hazard.テつ And I hammered it and I was probably 30 yards over when it finished.テつ If I would have missed it, it could have fluttered in there sometime, and we were going a little right of it, too.
It was a nice day today, just kind of solid round.テつ And like I said, really got it up and down well.テつ Really pitched it well.テつ Didn't leave myself much more than three and a half, four feet for par all day.

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